[3.14] LL VD+DD Spellslinger|10k ES |75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% AL9 [Videos]

Bjornz0r wrote:
I bought a helm, and iam unsure if i f'ed up or what, before i start crafting on it

Its double influence, but is there a way to change it? does it just have to be both shaper and elder, or how do i start?

Unfortunately there is no way to change existing influence on an item except if the owner did beast imprint the magic base before apply the influence.

And yes the helm has to be Elder/Base. Ultimatively you only need the enchant. Then you imprint the helm do Add influence to non influence item until it hits Elder or Shaper base. After that you can fuse with Awakaners Orb for second Influence.
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Made a nice hemlet on this build

nvm :(
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Shkine wrote:
Made a nice hemlet on this build

Beautiful helm mate i think you should go for t1 flat ES should be 3 or 4 more ES but up to you.

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Free for sell, offers
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Hello again :D

I have a question regarding the wand. I have T1 Inc Fire Damage Fractured and Spell Skill gems.

Would you say that T2 Crit Multi / Crit Chance for Spells and Flat Fire are enough damagewise or do you recommend going for T1s.
I ask because as pointed out in the crafting section its much easier to hit but I dont want to make a mistake that ill regret later on.

Ty once again.

How do you level this build?
Laere wrote:
How do you level this build?

You don't.

It's a high budget build that goes online when you get certain gear and skill points. Level as something else and then respec.
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Want to sell this, how much would something like this be worth?
zzang wrote:

Just to clraify things @ZZang. I am talking about the "Increased Fire Damage" which is 724 Tries according to Craft of Exile with Scorched Fossils only. THis is something different than 199 tries. Am I still on the right path with fossils?

Edit: I also have to take into consideration that if my fracture doesnt hit the right mod, I would have to do it again. ^^


I was referring to t1 ADDED FIRE damage. I see no downside in fracturing that and roll the +1 All gems and then do R/A fire for the other prefix.

The added fire comes with less initial cost and is a bit more expensive with r/a fire while the other approach is more initial cost and less finishing cost.

In the end its the same. And yes Wand is hardest craft in this build but also the most dps gains. Alternatively you wait the days for a wand to pop up on trade and get lucky. But my recommendation is use Harvest as long as we have access to it before crying people ruin it. Without Harvest the wand, no - the whole build would be impossible.

See my long story a few pages back. This no longer works using the fossil combo, I did over 30 rolls with prime chaotic and didn't hit +1 spells after fracturing flat fire damage. The fossil combo only has 2 possible prefix mod groups so item only rolls 2 prefixes, one of which is locked by fractured flat fire dmg. So it rolls 1 additional prefix, which has about 1/100 chance of being +1 spells. The reason fracturing fire % or spell % works is because they're one of the two mod groups that can be rolled, so the second prefix is gauranteed to be +1 spell (assuming you roll 2 prefix instead of 1)
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