[3.12] bOOgy's Kinetic Blast Wander (Assassin) - ZOOMING T16s on a budget

Fevnest wrote:
Hey been looking for a build to run with my buddy he always plays aura bot and tries to stack my damage and defense greatly. Im assuming that this build benefits tons from an aurabot and makes the damage insane.

Yeah, you can transition the build into an int stacking CI Assassin.

Works apparently really well with an aura bot next to you ^^
you can take a look at this guy in Harvest HC Trade league. He leveled that char in a grp to 100.

I havent played in a grp myself, so i can't tell you details about the experience. But definitely works.
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Hey pal, thanks for the guide. Looks interesting and I'm considering playing this in 3.12.

Is this something you would recommend as a league-starter (taking into account no Harvest crafing)?

Or would you play something else and eventually transition into this as a second character?

What's the rough estimate cost to get this up and running in this league (3.11) in your experience.

Great build. Currently leveling at 72..had a blast until now using Seven League step and Headhunter for leveling. I am thinking o using Headhunter for endgame too just for the fun of it. All other items will be as per the build.

Can you tell me the best way to craft a very good want for the build?

I am playing on xbox so good wands on sale are few and not at a fair price..
You can league start with it, but there are probably easier leaguestarter. If you would want to play it safe you can look at the caster leveling build in the PoB which would easily bring you to maps and get you started completely selffound. I have not played this on league start, so i cant give you details about day 1 or 2 experience. If you really enjoy the build, you can definitely start with it. But i wouldnt expect to instantly destroy all maps like you would with the recommended items.
And 1 or 2 weeks into the League you will get most of the basic items with very little investment.

@iiisus: there is a detailed description in the item section on the first page.

Base: Imbued Wand ilvl 82+ , preferably with Crusader influence
Use Essence of Wrath (Shrieking or Deafening). It guarantees X-Y Lightning Damage to Attacks
You look for:

-High X-Y Elemental damage (local to weapon damage- NOT spells)
-Spell damage

-Critical strike chance (for base weapon critical strike chance, NOT spell crit or crit multiplier)
-Increased Attack Speed
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Will you update this to 3.12 please?
is there anything that needs updating?
I think it will be the exact same thing.

I looked over the tree and tried to import it into the 3.12 tree, but nothing changes there, as far as i could see.

It will still work the same way.

But, since several people asked, i'll check the first post and go over it and edit it where necessary.

Thanks for showing some interest :D
It often feels like im doing stuff in PoE that no one gives a shit about ;)

This is the edited entry:

Changes in 3.12
Because of the Spellslinger mana reservation changes, you might have to tweak your mana reservation a little bit. But it should not have a huge impact. I would consider to keep precision at a bit lower lever, and maybe not use the phys to lightning support in the wave of conviction-spellslinger setup. This is more like an inconvenience. Just make sure that you dont run into mana issues.
Everything else will still work the same way.
I converted the passive tree in the PoB-Link to 3.12, but i changed nothing.

I will look into the mana reservation in the coming days on my standard character and let you know what happened. but i cant imagine that it will be too bad.

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Thank you for writing this build!
However, I'm having a bit trouble getting it to work. My damage seems to be severely lacking. Can you take a look at my PoB and tell me what I am missing?

What stats/rolls are you looking for on jewellery?
lightning to attacks, crit/multi and life/res?
Ethoharic wrote:
Thank you for writing this build!
However, I'm having a bit trouble getting it to work. My damage seems to be severely lacking. Can you take a look at my PoB and tell me what I am missing?

Did you just switch to this build? Your Gems are super low for lvl 87.
Also you dont have crit chance on any of your items, then there is the tabula. If i were you i would buy a cheap inpulsa and 5 link it.

[EDIT] Oh, and if you dont have an inpulsa, try Herald of Ice instead of Herald of Thunder (similar to the setup i described in the example Act6 setup on first page).

@Zealous_zebra: YEP, pretty much what you listed.
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Hi, great build. I'm farming BA atm. Do you have a recommended Ascendancy progression?


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