[3.12] bOOgy's Kinetic Blast Wander (Assassin) - ZOOMING T16s on a budget

My pob with both wands


I changed a bit these flasks and second wand (muliplier -> crit)
But, Im maybe too bad at POB, but I can't notice any difference in dps between these wands.
19;46 // bit changed pob. added one new (imo better plate and changed rare jewel to poacher's aim with 1% pen lightning)
Please tell me which one body armour and wand is better <3
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You dont notice a difference, because they are actually the same dps with a difference of 0,1 % :D

I would pick the one that feels better. Might be, that you feel a difference when fighting a boss. Maybe faster attacks are nicer so you are able to dodge easier (Beast Scratch). But it's really the same after all, i think.

In the long run, i would try to craft another wand if you think about playing the character a little bit longer.
The flat elemental dmg on prefix is really strong for this build. So ideally you want at least two high elemental dmg rolls.
Check prices for the Essences at different times, sometimes you can snipe a lot for a good price.


For the Chest, i would pick the frenzy generating one. Because even though you activated frenzy charges in PoB, you dont have frenzy charges unless you get them from the chest.
And you shouldnt have any mana issues, so i dont see the use of the -total mana cost thing.

Sidenote to your PoB (Im not 100% sure, but i would say 99%):
With energy leech support, you are
a) leeching ES
b) at full ES

but not both. ;)

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Thanks for all tips! And for this character, fast and smooth clear with quite good bossing ;) But this build need a lot of player's skill ;)

Okay Just Literally threw this build together in about an hour with items from my stash. After spending 100ex on a fail herald stacking build that didn't seem fun and was under powered. Needless to say that's all for sale in my stash tabs. I've always loved KB and continue to come back to it. I only ran a few maps last night and it seemed a bit squishy. This is my current setup and I plan to setup Power Siphon tonight. Thoughts on MF possibly? and how could I achieve a higher level of survive-ability? I put the build together and walked into a juiced T16 map and this had zero issues, I ran into a few rares that were tough i'm sure Power Siphon will help that and then the Immortal Call setup.
looks like a good base to start with. I can give you my thoughts:

1. Piscator only works if you have a lot of flat elemental dmg to attacks on your equipment. Afaik most people get this though jewels, which is a completely different build.

Craft a Wand as I described in the guide, you want the flat elemental damage to attacks on your wand.

2. If you want to be less squishy, i would say stick to the equipment i linked above. drop the cinderswallow for basalt flask (or the quartz, the 10% is not really helping you much). And you also want "of warding" on one of your flasks.
Drop the devoto for a helm with defense? :D

3. Higher Life rolls on all of your equipment. +75 instead of +55 is only "20 life" difference, but after your life % increase it will be a 60 life difference, which adds up.

And yeah, definitely some kind of Cast when damage taken setup like in the guide :)

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I'm loving this build and trying to push it further. This is where i'm at currently I love Diadem it solves all my mana problems. I'm running x5 Auras and my survive ability is getting better. Does anyone see anything major I could change at the moment that is not benefiting me? I wouldn't mind finding more life leech somewhere and dropping some points not sure where to look.
I mentioned it before. I don't see how you defend yourself against curses. I think you want this on your flasks.

Nice to see that you enjoy the build. I would not play it with your setup, but as long as it is fun for you, you are doing it right ;)
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I am enjoying the build very much. For me, spellslinger really make the leveling process with skills much more enjoyable and rewarding.

My question is about the medium jewel cluster. I am looking at the calculations tab of PoB (fork) trying to see how the nodes effect the build. I understand the value of them but are there better choices? Perhaps its a cost/benefit selection of nodes? Thanks
You are absolutely right. The Jewels were one of the reasons why I wrote that you can customize the build to your liking :D
I had the shock medium cluster because i played with inpulsa for a long time.
But you can absolutely change that. Any of the cluster jewels can be used however you like. There are a LOT of nice options. Defense and Offense.

I don't have a big favourite for an alternative, but i would agree that my choice is not necessarily super optimized.

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Thank you for the reply. I think i'll experiment!

I stated during one of your streams that I leveled up using kinetic bolt. During that time I also leveled Kinetic blast. Admittedly I have only been using LMP but I am now leveling GMP.

I have found KBlast to be superb for Delve and closed maps like Armory and Crystal Ore etc. I am preferring KBolt for Fields and canyon. PS is still the preferred single target. My question is, if I where to play only Kbolt, would htere be any tree adjustments? I can't really see any.

Finally, I like the immediacy of the damage dealt with these attack spells. I like DoT builds in general but it is nice to not have to wait for the DoT to finish off the mobs. Again, thanks for bringing this accessible build to the community.

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