Delirium Statistics

Haha looking forward to build stats...j/k even shiny head long neck Shavronne agrees.
"I've played a lot of videogames. It's my primary recreational activity. Best games ever: Elden Ring and Diablo 4."
~Elon Musk, 2023
The Rewards for this League are a little lackluster for the amount of time and effort it takes to complete the challenges.

Is this guy insane? The rewards this league are -CRAZY-
Challenges are definitely harder this league vs. metamorph. I'll likely only aim for 24 instead of 36.
Delirium challenge rewards looking pretty awesome and I'm gonna get them all. Lower statistics means only that game is pretty unplayable for a lot of players after some point. Will you fix anything?

Umm, no.. It was a bug start so alot of players were severely disadvantaged and we left.

Says the guy with literally no challenges done (to get one you literally have to just play the game for a bit)...
This season rewards are not appealing, those back attachments are ok but not worth the effort, and I feel like you should try something different with rewards, why not hideout decorations? Or maybe an armour sets divided in 2 leagues, or an acccount based reward system with milestone, achievement and multiple rewards based on progression.
I was wondering if number of crashes was up there 0_0 /s
Oh hi
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Much more of these challenges are RNG based vs Metamorph which basically everything had a set in stone way to get.
yeah 36 challenge with a okish wings as a reward is not as good as an portal effect that nowadays with the awesome random option will pop in every now and again, so definitely maybe for the future wings at 24 and a portal effect on 36 would be a great set of goals to achieve.
I have an nvidia 1050ti 4gb and an SSD and every time i join a group it goes to shit, freezing all over the place, always the last one to load. O have been dealing with this for years and finally had enough of it. This is the only game I play where my computer shits itself in a group. I have always completed 36 challenges when a cosmetic reward was involved, but I was finally able to make myself quit before that this time. I quit like 2 weeks in and knowing i wont come back for 36 makes it great since i wont have all free cosmetics anymore, no need to ever try and attempt them again. Quite frankly I will come back just to play the new story line once in 4.0 and never play again.

Thanks for making such a great game, I just finally got tired of having all the performance issues that seem to get worse each league.

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