Delirium Statistics

Challanges alot RNG and harder, mobs with 5 delirium tough as shit and disbalanced (map boss and delirium boss meet in map be dead faster than just grey/blue mobs), reward MTX sucks, two back attachment? really?
I have noticed that the challenge rewards were not as great as the last league, and most of the challenges were really not that interesting to complete. I do enjoy the league now since the latest patch.
"That's a lot of death"......
This phrase explain everything about this league - horrible performance, killer of frame rate, calamitous visual ,also stupid backtracking... don't introduce this league into a core...
Bad mechanic. Bad rewards.
Metamorph was better, Synthesis was better.
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Very noticeable compared to the drop from the previous ten waves, which were basically 0 or .0001. Effect size can only be judged relative to other effect sizes. .001 is ten times higher than the rest.

Melanholic7 wrote:
You changed ur wings (i mean, good one, which u presented as a reworked one before start) to smaller one with less effects. Sure not all people now want them , lol.

Completion rate does take a noticeable dip at wave 10 thanks to the fact that Omniphobia, Fear Manifest can start spawning, though the completion rate remains extremely high.

excuse me??? noticeable dip? from what, 99,95 to 99,86?? NOTICEABLE dip?? Math is hard it seems. ;P Cause its nothing. 0,09% yeeeah what a dip.
The challenge rewards are "OK" this league, and the challenges honestly don't seem that much harder than Metamorph.

But I am playing less and shorter sessions because the constant "go fast" pressure + back tracking from Delirium is frankly, exhausting.

My build (frostbolt Ice Nova) was bugegd (AND STILL IS!!!) from the start, so i wasn't able to farm enough adena to buy up voices/ clusters/ solstice and make an exploit build!!!!!!!!!

I have no interest in farming to buy items off cheaters/ exploiters so my
league is done. Having only 1-2% of your playerbase able to do endgame is so [removed by player].

Supporter pack/ MTX sales this league = 0
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
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Oh hmmm. I didn’t find delirium challenges particularly more challenging than metamorph. But it sure is more rng based.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
The rewards were lackluster for me because I prefer getting portals and body armour, but I completed the 36 anyway because I found getting to 36 challenges completed to be easier this time around.

The Simulacrum waves were OK, except when I had to fight in Highgate's area with not many places to go to escape Kosis Orb of Death blasting. When DPS'ing Kosis to stop him charging his Orb of Death takes so long that no matter what, he's going to one shot you %99 of the time. I'm curious as to how many hardcore people have beat all 20 waves.
No, its just a league everyone I know bar one left because the league itself is really bad and not worth chasing any challenge reward in.

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