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I definitely think the challenges are harder this time around, although this is only my third league. I did get 36 in Metamorph with a month to spare and I'm currently at 24 in Delirium.

Completing the Simulacrum will be the hardest, I believe.
Just came to post that Kosis sucks, thank you for reading :)
Delirium was a mess for me on bugs, gameplay and experience.

I’ve been playing since domination League and it’s the worst league I’ve played

I’m not saying it’s a bad league, juste had the worst experience.
If you really want lots of people to complete challenges - offer a nice Portal Effect at 24.
Yes, I am less interested in the Challenge rewards this league than past leagues. But I'm still shooting for 36.

Portal rewards were the most exciting.

What about a hideout reward? Not a decoration, a HIDEOUT. =D That would be incredible.
We're interested in hearing your thoughts about this! Do you find Delirium's set of challenges more difficult than Metamorph's? Are you less interested in these rewards? If so, is it affecting your motivation to complete challenges?

I can't speak to the difficulty of this league's rewards sadly as I quit the league shortly after getting to red maps. Aside from the performance issues, I struggled with the fact that loot rewards felt without player agency again. Metamorph kept me engaged far longer because when I hit the end of the map, I could build my boss fight and pick what rewards I wanted.

As far as the cosmetic rewards, I was considerably more drawn to the wings than I was the portal. Unfortunately that didn't keep me engaged anywhere near as long.
nice =o
I just looked at challenges this week, so I am not motivated by challenges. Most are just grinds and challenge rewards are kinda meh after 24 so I have even less motivation to complete. League is crazy enough as is so challenges are not a focus.
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
I played my league starter to level 80-something.. the Delirium mechanic just did absolutely nothing for me. In fact, it turned me away from wanting to continue. I felt rushed every time I touched a mirror and all of the backtracking was just awful. Watching some streamers get to the end-game stuff didn't change my opinion. Just an un-fun league. Still <3 you guys though.
No performance issues for me, but had some disconnects a weak ago (with portals disappeared :/ ...)
Challenges are okish, just a few are lil bit too RNG dependent.

Fully juiced maps with 5 delirium orbs feel awesome! thx
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