Designing Delirium's Unique Items

a shout out to Rory
The boots don't seem that great at all. Literally never seen anyone use them or recommend them.

''I haven't tried them cause I'm too lazy/not confident enough to try them unless a streamer stomps all content with them, so they are trash.''
Sweet, love it, awesome! You guys make the best loots.
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There are some interesting ideas here, but ultimately I think the unique design this league was a failure. More league unique equipment needs to be actually good. The ramp up rate of the boot debuffs is just completely batshit insane for what it actually gives you, and the armour and helm having no resists made them completely unwearable considering how marginal the benefits are.

Hell, the only two melee skills that see serious play right now are Cyclone and Flicker Strike, and you didn't even design a body armour that's better for those than Bronn's Lithe.
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So 16 unique in patch note. Only 15 was discovered . 1 chopped from final patch or not?
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melee chest gives bonuses noone gives a slightest damn about. and this is a 'design'?

endgame chest that is aimed at ONE ascendancy? chest with low life roll and no extra defensive properties (noone cares about AR value on items)? banners are cool et al but.. 26 endgame players use this chest. i bet some to 'test the turd' - as they use sub-par melee skills so it is not about performance in their cases

Voices are simply DUMB. call it whatever you want but this item is DUMB and making up a story around that is just PR damage control

One with Nothing is also pretty DUMB numbers wise. it is STRICTLY better than alternatives. how is that interesting?

other unique jewels see marginal use and in most cases just as a novelty, not because these are actually useful. same with majority of Legion jewel keystones. it takes little time to see what works and what doesnt in POE 2020.

if we are about 'interesting': isnt it DUMB that most TRAP players use BOW as a weapon? just food for thought

btw: melee patch, when? because right now melee is a shit choice, no matter how you spin (lol) it
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always Quality over quantity.... Good over evil... always :) ty GGG
You should also design a description on the items, like you now did on the cluster jewels, for what terms mean and exactly do.
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this is cool will get back on after eye problems go away!

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