Designing Delirium's Unique Items

The boots don't seem that great at all. Literally never seen anyone use them or recommend them. Otherwise the others are pretty niche for sure.
This just in, dumpster unique's are niche
Please keep doing these, I love seeing the design intentions behind the items!

Although I must admit most the new equipment, besides maybe the helm, needs a bit more to make it close to the items we have currently
Megalomaniac - The most INSANE/USELESS item ever changed.
Hey GGG, I'll be honest, the league start was absolutely terrible, idk if you needed more time to figure things out, such as the grey on grey on grey stuff with the explodey bubbles. But let me tell you, after you fixed it the game league became so much more fun for all of us, we all do appreciate you for all the creativity and effort that goes into making this game and i'd say the whole cluster jewel situation has added an unbelievable and elevated element to the games core, you can have so many combinations and just so much depth thanks to them. Really the ingenuity coming from you guys is unreal. Thank you all! For keeping this game lively and evolutionary in it's own right. GG... GGG
Based in your rarity the market made best Voices 300 ex.

Nice design of something basically none but a few will ever use.

On the other hand maybe that’s a good thing. If everyone had it its capability would probably get nerfed into the ground.

This is clearly one of those items Chris talked about with the latest Ziz interview; an item basically with such absurd rarity it makes the headhunter look like a wisdom scroll. I actually found a 3/7 Voices.
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
muy bueno
WulfgangAdair wrote:
Sweet! Thanks for all the work you do to give us a great game!


jewels: 10/10

unique items:Algor Mortis Assailum perfidy ..... 4/10

League mechanics 6.5-7/10

Simulacrum and delirium orbs are crazy,I really liked it.

Soundtrack of Delirium:creeeeepy 11/10

My experience with Melee this League 3/10

Still do not understand how a character who is supposed to be the strongest
In the game actually the worst

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The "Snipe" skill from the Assailum unique was designed in a way that could potentially allow it to become its own support gem, if it was popular enough
A no life no res helm, yeah sure its going to be popular................ said no one ever.

This item was created to fill the role of a melee-focussed item
Umm, melee.......... it needs alot than this to make it feel playable

Since this season was so bug ridden, can we have a 'do-over' and start over, like the race at poe 4.0????

have you seen ziggyd's snipe bleed bow build? he 1 shots everything as glad, and survivability is plenty fine...
Bex_GGG wrote:
They give you something to strive for

Indeed. No one is using thise becuase they are overpowered. Nerf them to 1 Alc of worth (now they are 1c each) :)
Mirror of Kalandra?
Vakarlan wrote:
Megalomaniac - The most INSANE/USELESS item ever changed.

Yeah, Megalomaniac with 4 passives and 4 notables would've been really powerful. With 3 notables it's almost impossible to get one that's justifiable to use over any well-rolled four passive 1 socket 2 notable medium cluster jewel. Very few of the notables are as powerful as a jewel socket and you don't have a dead passive on the way there with a rare medium jewel.

They the probably could have kept the 4 notable version if they upped it to a 5 passive jewel, keeping the dead passive. It would have been an extremely random but potentially powerful jewel instead of in this weird spot where it's extremely random and even under ideal circumstances not very powerful.
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