3.11 | Carry Me Golems | Carrion/Stone Golem Elementalist | Very Tanky and High DPS summoner

This guide its not for a new players!
Golems are officially FoTM, prices of the uniques tripled from last season.
Yeah, its a shame how expensive its going to be to get this build started this league. I was looking forward to play it.
This build is pretty viable as starter, you dont need anything but pair of clayshapers and 6l to get yourself on high yellow maps, then you will be able to start accomulate currency and progress with items. I got almost everything i needed by day two.
Roughly speaking you will need 3-5ex for shaper/elder bosses and 8-10ex for sirus a8. A bit costly compared to other budged builds but still in a budget level.
Well from now with a Tabula & 2 Clayshaper im stomping on content (early / mid content indeed)

just replace some jewels slots with minion damage nodes and replace theses once you can afford the jewels.
Yeah, you have to gear now with with the mindset you are not going to have the Primoridal Gems nor the necklace for awhile considering prices. Get two Clayshapers and a 5 link chest or a Tabula if you can manage. Queens Decree is nice early on until you can get your Clayshapers. Stick with minion nodes and life nodes for you. Dont worry about setting up to get gem sockets. You can always respec once you get your Primordial gems.
Do golems benefit from shaper of desolation and beacon of ruins ascendancy? or just the spells we cast to apply curses?
18% shock is good for golems as well.
Price is skyhigh for items.

I am not even considering chaos resistance for Corrupted Flesh lol.

Also the damn elementalist avatar keeps me from playing this golems that are so fun :))
What do you guys recommend for the first gem to get?

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