3.11 | Carry Me Golems | Carrion/Stone Golem Elementalist | Very Tanky and High DPS summoner

Edzilla wrote:
Why is Brass Dome required? Am I missing something?

It gives 5k armour, which serves a dual purpose of giving us meaty molten shells and capping our physical resistance at 90%.

Also, crit immunity is an absolute godsend against delerium bosses.

snowmittens wrote:
I have an AW necro that I consider converting over due to the annoying playstyle of keeping up the AWs. I played Flame golems elementalist before and loved the build

I only have a little over 2ex so I guess I'm short for now

How about doing the build as a necro? I see you only have 2 useful ascendancies from elementalist (elemancer and LOP)

What would be the priorities of items to acquire?

Check utility golems section of the guide to see why elementalist is so good. Necro gains pretty much nothing, and loses defense and offense. Bone armour is just a straight up worse version of molten shell, and because they're both guard skills they share a cooldown.

With 2ex you can get started on the budget version. Use a 5-link and wait on the cluster jewels. The golem jewels are cheap, even mid-rolls. Everything else is fairly straight forward.

Vendetta wrote:
Also, are you casting everything manually ? Flesh offering / desecrate ?

Yes. Though normal mapping is a 0 button 0 flask experience. It's only hard stuff that I bother with the dps-increasing skills. If you want to be super lazy you can link CWDT to flesh offering too
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Do you find chains an issue with going Arakaali instead of Lunaris pantheon? Or will the mitigation and regen be enough to help survive against that?
scrambled777 wrote:
Do you find chains an issue with going Arakaali instead of Lunaris pantheon? Or will the mitigation and regen be enough to help survive against that?

I never found chaining to be an issue, because chains do not happen indefinitely and we have 9 golems to soak them up. Our golems are usually nearly or entirely off-screen killing stuff so they're pretty far away.

I guess if you see the chaining map mod you can swap for that map? I don't know, I never did, I vastly prefer arakaali. Luckily there's no cost/downside to swapping so go for it if you feel like it could get you killed. I'm lv 95 and it never has gotten me killed so far.
I was doing some tests. My SG atkSpd is 2.07s w/ multistrike (.48s per atk). my SG slam CD is 1.14s.

So in theory my golem takes 1.44s to do 1 set of (3)slams and should be able to do it again right away since slam is off CD.

Do SG just randomly pick their skills? Sometimes I see SG chaining slams after slams, and then just normal set and normal set.
Do we only swap 1 harmony for a +3% to chaos small cluster, if we have minion attack speed on gear? From what I've read, anything less than 7 harmonies, we'd mess up the cooldowns?

I see it mentioned, but the pob doesn't have it.
Current Gear & Gem Setups I'm using:

Current Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/3GF6JBXk
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Why do you have a freeze immunity flask ?

Isn't Elemancer making you immune to it ?
Glorious Vanity - 3747 Ximbaque - 3% maximum life + 4 increased effect of non curse auras + 6% to maximum mana + 1% to maximum chaos rezistance / 18% chaos rezistance + 7% increased phisical damage + 2% increased movement speed + 12 cold resistance. I leave this here for whomever want's some free chaos rezistance life and good stuff.

One Question, is it worth going over 85% chaos, somehow I ended up with a maximum of 91% , and I thought of twinking the tree a little, lose like 2% life and get +8 chaos rezistance from tree at divine flesh node.
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Yeah replaced that now, was an oversight :)
Anyone tested if empower level 3 is better in helm than feeding frenzy ?

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