Path of Exile wins BAFTA Award for Evolving Game

Congratulations! Even though a lot of people seem to disagree with this choice, I believe it to be a solid win. The combined effort you all put into PoE has given us players a tremendously deep gaming experience. The fact that you pay attention to the players issues and resolve them as promptly as you can really shows that GGG is a different kind of company. I firmly believe you deserve this win and I look forward to all of your future endeavors.
C O N G R A T Z GGG :)

You deserve it ♥ poe is a precious gem in this ugly world :)
Playing for joy ♥

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Happy for you guys, you definitely deserve it, and happy because we always getting something new and fresh,
let s evolve together!!!
parabéns a toda equipe por fazer esse sonho se realizar todos os dias.
Here comes the next PoE League: Evolve
Congratulations ! You totally deserve it and it's a rightful regarding to all the high-quality content you have release through all those years !!
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Greats Well done, best game ever btw :))))
By the goddess... What ambition.
Chris wrote:
we can't wait until the next time we reveal more of what we have planned.

I know it was probably used as a common lingual construct but it seems you can wait until the next time that you reveal more of what is planned in PoE2 since, it would be be impossible to do otherwise. :-)
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Award is being taken away without further notice next week, due to some unintended behavior during the voting...have fun while it lasts!
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