Path of Exile wins BAFTA Award for Evolving Game


Stick to your principle,

I'm a pro gamer,played a lots of game,some big games is change its arts and story just because the Sponsor or the political standpoint,and that was the end of the game,the end of our fan.
GGG Congratulations!!!
Congratulations !!

Nice to see that Hard work pays off !
That's insane! Proud of ya, keep it up! :)
an award well earned. congratulations ! awesome game, nothing else to say
Congratulation ! And thanks for the game :) Can't wait to play POE2 !

POE Best ARPG by far

Congrat GGG! its a wel deserved one!

I have played many mmorpg and arpg's in the past mostly GW1 for over 10years.
After that i searched for a game where i have about the same freedom with playing a game.

Path OF Exile gave me even more and keeps surprising me every league.

Keep it up!
Keep it up Chris and GGG team!
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