What Happened with Purposeful Harbinger

HeadHunter exist.....but ok
This won't happen again. We are so sorry for people's loss of time, currency and faith. Online games are supposed to be a place where you can enjoy yourself and be distracted from the woes of the real world and in this instance we have failed to provide that for some people. That really sucks. Since the announcement, we have had many discussions about what went wrong for us internally and how we can do better going forward. We are so sorry.

This won't happen again

it will always be in the back of peoples minds, big fuck up
You guys said this won't happen again last time it happened too. You expect us to trust you this time?
What you did is wrong on so many level it's impossible to understant where the good faith is in your actions, wasting people time, currency and patience (expecially in this period) is WRONG. The build had to be nerfed instantly, saying no to a nerf and then do it is worse. Shame on you.
In this thread: Angry ppl who were stupid enough to not realize that this stuff was going to get nerfed mid-league :) (I know about the no-nerf-mid-league-policy)

Anyways, thanks for communication and be safe.
On one hand its true you guys messed up big time, but on the other hand i see people that exploited the aura bug on purposeful harbringer at fault as well, surely i think they should be free to do that but for them to complain about the nerf, or rather, the "fix" is pretty bad, at the end of the day everybody knew that the aura effect shouldn't ever function on everything that also applies to allies as well. In my opinion you half kept your promise and didn't nerf the numbers themselves but rather fix a bug, again it was not the players fault for finding and using this, but I am just saying that they should had obviously ahve known the risks of using the aura bug.
Keep up the good work ggg, it's not the first time and will not be the last time things go wrong, and in such a complex game, who can blame you, what is important is that you care and you fix them as soon as you can.

At the moment that we should have really worked out that something bad was going on, our company was disrupted by the government-mandated lockdown. We moved our computers home, set up all sorts of remote-working stuff, and tried to adjust as a company to work remotely. The fire with the Purposeful Harbinger notable burned stronger in the background, with us unaware of just how broken things had become.

No that's a few weeks after someone at ggg should have worked it out. People have been sounding the alarm since the full patch notes were released
HEADHUNTER EXISTS...non of your reasoning means anything to any of us. If its so broken it has to be fixed then HH should go and its all fair if not you need to leave it alone for a league since this is the same power lvl as headhunter.....
technically you could of just patched this issue knowing that if you did announce it then people would be absolutely furious because you announced it would not be touched at all. You could of just mentioned fixed a few bugs surrounding some of the cluster jewel passives not specifically mentioning Purposeful Harbinger. Sometimes it's better to put out a patch under the radar instead of telling people.
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I don't believe in "This won't happen again." There's plenty of mistakes to be made, and this game's build system is one massive, if you'll excuse me, "clusterfuck" to maneuver through.

However, I do believe in the apology, transparency, and most importantly, honesty in saying "we fucked up". That's all the more reason for me to play this game more.

Stay safe, and thanks for all your efforts for our entertainment.

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