What Happened with Purposeful Harbinger

Please stay safe!
This is a buff.
It's okay most people don't care. I always thought this extreme aversion to changing things in ARPGs is strange. It's no different from nerfs in other games, or in MMOs. You probably lost less time than someone who leveled a class in WoW just to have it "nerfed" later.
The loudest Voices are the angriest. You guys didn't have to say anything, and here you are, apologizing to people.

Props to you Bex, in particular, for all the sh*t you get for being CM and still being the face of GGG in this time of crisis.
Good on you for standing to your mistakes. It really do be like that sometimes don't it?
This won't happen again

nice joke
It sucks, but I would rather you take risks with new content that is strong then be too afraid and release stuff that is weak (IE shattering steel etc)

PS I am loving the Delirium league and so are my friends so please take some of the rage on reddit with a massive grain of salt
"This won't happen again." you said that last time.... the trust is broken and there is really no fixing it.. you continue to ignore game breaking bugs during testing each league and it just gets worse and worse... want the trust and faith back? announce you hired 40+ QA testers dedicated to only fixing bugs/shit we've been bringing up for years

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