3.10.1 Patch Notes

Game is literally unplayable for me. But I think the other changes are great, being able to select missions from atlas is a great quality of life.
My eyes zoomed in on this:

"You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device."

Thank you!
No to conditional challenge on top of RNG pure luck mechanics. What's the next challenge? Loot a mirror from monsters killed? OMG. PLS GGG. NO.
Geeeeezzzz no wonder you hidden everything under mist..... It's no wonder everyone died all the time with the crazy amount of bombs following you.....and this after it's been nerfed heavily.... dahaym
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. " ~ Hunter S Thompson ~

Please, for the love of whatever God you may or may not believe in, just remove the damn Delirium timer. Keep the Delirium maps tougher, but remove the damn timer! This league mechanic is the worst and has so many problems, the huge majority of which simply go away if you remove the timer. Don't nerf the content, don't make the rewards greater, just remove the timer.

I know you want to make Breach 2.0 but it didn't work. At all. Just fix it with the simple adjustment of removing the time push and this league would be great. It's the simplest thing possible to make a bad league good.
Man i love POE but this league really killed my vibe for it. Its just a mess. i never thought i end up as "one of those" - guys is the forums. But this might've been it.

I've felt like with POE2 there could be a fresh wind. Now its all a new fake-breach league every 13 weeks that gets insta-nerfed to serve the clearspeed-meta. No new gameplay elements at all ( yeah i get it, new skills blabla, but its still the same, click a button and stuff dies. Delving OFC was a fine addition but thats it). Just another 10% chance to spawn x-encounter from any previous league. This game just went into maintenance-mode if u ask me. And POE2 wont change anything after the first playthrough. Same Late-Game, same skillgemclusterfuck without any balancing towards a certain archetype for players to play along. Just a free-to-play sandbox game. Sounds nice? yeah, it isnt
x% increased Effect of Auras on You modifiers no longer apply to enemy debuff auras.

This, is a joke. and this ruins this league so much!
fac31 wrote:
x% increased Effect of Auras on You modifiers no longer apply to enemy debuff auras.

This, is a joke. and this ruins this league so much!

a bugfix ruins the league?
Do you even IQ?
>A shitlot of enemy skills are changing damage types
>Nobody knew what the fuck they were in the first place

This is just one more example of how much damage types do not matter anymore. GGG has completely abandoned any form of visual clarity when it comes to what you are being hit with, it was around Syndicate that it really went off the rails when I had to make the Grand Canyon leap in logic to connect "flying green skulls" to "Fire damage." Is it so much to ask that fire look like fire, lightning look like lightning, and ice look like ice? Would that really be so hard?

To say nothing of the fact that what your being hit with doesn't matter unless it's Chaos. As I have said many, many, MANY times in the past: If you require a baseline overcapped elemental resistances to even start on maps, then you are plateauing player defenses while the damage curve keeps going up indefinitely, meaning that it doesn't fucking matter what is coming at you anymore. Is it cold? Fire? Physical? Who cares, it's a big fucking number that is going to overwhelm my numbers. GGG could introduce an entirely new damage type without telling us, and it would make no difference.
This is a buff™
My frames are jumping up and down, up and down, up and down.
My frames are jumping up and down, up and dooowwwn!!
Metamorph still cause fps drop, Blight encounter too.

There is still no optimization.
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