3.10.1 Patch Notes

Great now everyone else got better rewards running through the acts and by the time i get to it. Nerfed.
its no different from getting to the store and theres no Toilet paper to wipe your ass with
i guess screw me for being and "Essential Employee" and not having time to farm pre nerf.
So what now harbor bridge is not worth farming now or what, and why did GGG change it wasnt like broken farming place or something ???
Performance got so much worse holy shit. Fuck you.

Even kiwis and monkeys would do a better job.

I wish I was as lucky as you to constantly fuck up and deliver one fail after another all year round and keep my job.
Low tolerance is still not working :(.
the game still keeping crash over and over again when delirium is spread.
it never happened before 3.10
Perfomance got even worst here.
Not being able to even keep 20fps here.
I'm thinking on leaving the game, developers does not care about the game optimization and just more mtx and mtx.
Started playing at Delve League, this is the first time I'm going to stop playing due to instability.

Since the patch map textures take significantly longer to show up, enemies often appear invisible at first, and delirium causes crashes that cost me my maps and rewards. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, its really disappointing when all the other aspects of the patch are fantastic.
Patch looked promising. But the performance is really bad. Stutters like mad in maps.
The added red colours are even harder to see for my colour blind friend. GGG please consider a colour blind mode. It's needed for some people.
Added a ground target marker for Vengeful Soul's Soul Mortar skill.

Glad to know we are getting Wolcen telegraphing for skills/attacks.

It definitely follows what PoE has been doing for the past half a decade+! Reddit wins again!
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

"It looks like we broke something with 3.10.0. We don't know what it is yet." - Bex, March 16th, 2020

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