[3.11] Hollow Palm Cyclone Glad–4M DPS 5.5k Life Max Block–up to 9M DPS

I have made this build and enjoying it alot. (im following this PoB https://pastebin.com/1C2hEEen)
But it feels like im lacking dps, its currently 470k.
I have invested alot in the proper jewels and gear but feels like im doing something wrong.
Someone please have a look.

My characters name is Elvirx


I got error 302 from you pastebin, but i checked your character on profile. you have 4.7m so i think its fine :)
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Well that pastebin needs to be without the "s" in the http.
So should be like this http://pastebin.com/1C2hEEen.
Its not mine POB, its from this guide.
But the guide says i should be doing 20 mill dps... 4,7 is not even close.
So feels like im missing something :)
Oh and how did you calculate out that i have 4,7mill dps... it doesnt say on the ingame tab. Do you use some calc for it or just in your head?
I checked both on POB, and yes, guide is 19,7M and you 4.7M. Dont check ítems one by one, but just to start, the diff with gems is big. He has 2 awak and the others 21/20, and you 20/20, thats on 6l. just with that you have a Good start to improve. i would go first with upgrading your gems to 21/20, and then awakened, or if you got cash just got which more dps give you, or all if you can afford.
Maybe this has been mentioned but there is an error/cheat for the Split Personality POB's.

One of the Split Personalities (in socket 2 i believe) has, instead of +5 dex +5 strength, 240 to strength and 450 to dexterity or some huge numbers...

When you remove it you get actual sane numbers instead of 9000+dex and 5000+ strength and not the well over 20 million dps...
This is my current POB for my build -4.5 million dps, 5k life, good block, max res.


are there any upgrades/changes I should/can make that aren't hugely expensive?
Maybe older POB version? i read something about it, but never happened to me. Also struggle with hollow palm Works.
Sorry , but error 302 from your pastebin, i checked your characters, but you have 3 gladiators and no one looks like our build, dunno who use HP build
Just started this league over the last weekend and I've encountered several problems. This is my current PoB.


I really need a lot of help with this build as it seems that I am severely lacking in dps (<100k dps combined). What am I doing wrongly? It seems that my large cluster jewels are terribly inefficient (lots of pathing) even though it has the same desired mods on it.

I'm using the split personality variant but my skill tree is slightly different as I'm using this one for reference: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2833658/page/1

Any help and suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated!

Today was a great day at simulacrum, in the same wave first drop Exalt and Chayula Breachstones, not bad, sim funded and winnings. few waves later… badoom voices 5. but when i pick a stacked card near voices 5 BADOOOM doctor haha i dropped like 30 exalts in minutes. and i have still 4 waves free but nervous make me playing badly and kiros stomped me ahaha

so, im following fellipe build which i think is amazin, but now i reallized he did lot of changes, and now im not sure if im doing correctly but… i Will try, so if you Felipe or malebrance or whoever or the nice people here could give me a tips on where spend some exalts, would be nice. i have gems capped, but Good belt, chest, rings and helmet, even goods, still deserve a upgrade.

Even the allways Good astramentis had a hard with the ohter one
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