[3.11] Hollow Palm Cyclone Glad–4M DPS 5.5k Life Max Block–up to 9M DPS

3.11 Update (READ FIRST):

I do not recommend this build in 3.11 for anyone who wants to play optimally. I've been playing around with this build in PoB and it is no longer that great. It is still a very viable build, for anyone who wants to play it because they enjoy cyclone/melee/unarmed, but it definitely is not going to be a premier build unless some of the other nerfs hit builds harder than I thought. A new baseline version of this build deals around 5 mil dps with good tankiness. A high damage somewhat minmaxed version deals around 8-9 mil dps. That said the min maxed version costs a similar amount to what a split personality variant which could deal in excess of 30 mil dps with more tankiness would have cost last league. The high end of the build is much weaker than before. As such, I've decided to not do a full update of the build guide for this league. I will still be supplying updated PoBs for anyone who desires to run the build this league, but again, I do not recommend it for optimal play. It is still a viable and fun build, but will no longer be melting bosses with minimal investment (as deep cuts carried a ton of the build's damage). It is still capable of all content, as the defense has not decreased, but it is just slower. As such, I'd primarily recommend it for more casual players as long as they have a decent budget.

Baseline PoB (4.5-5 mil dps, up to 6.5 mil if you've blocked a bunch of hits recently): https://pastebin.com/A1Wfxqnp

High End PoB (nuts watcher's eye and wildwrap, 8-9 mil dps baseline, up to 11 mil dps if you've blocked a bunch recently): https://pastebin.com/9cM2nG8t

If anyone does still want to run this build, I'm still happy to answer questions.

Hi, I'm Arcayn. I started playing PoE in 3.0 (Harbinger League), and this is my first build guide. Any feedback is appreciated.

This build utilizes the new unique cluster jewel One with Nothing in order to scale damage via dexterity, allowing the build to achieve near max block while still having amazing evade and passable damage. The Hollow Palm keystone is quite broken right now, but most people are using it to get 40m+ DPS on Zerkers with only a 10 ex budget. While those builds are of course cool, much more effective builds can be created by utilizing the absurdly powerful scaling offered by the keystone to achieve good damage with minimal investment, allowing for most of our skill points to be invested in life and block.

Pros and Cons:
-Enough DPS to comfortably do all bosses (3-4+ million dps). Can reach 8-10 mil dps with high investment (even more with gg amulet and chest).
-73%/73% Block when Rumi's Concoction is up. Up to 79/79 if you've blocked 6 hits within the last 10 seconds. 79/79 base with the Split personality variant (min/maxed).
-72% evade with Jade flask up, giving a total 96% chance to avoid damage from hits
-5-6k life using dex stacking + Garukhan's flight (5-5.5k at lvl 90)
-2k life leech per second. On the rare occasion you do get hit, you will leech to full nearly instantly.
-Freeze immunity from Cyclopean Coil
-200% movement speed

-Not the greatest dps, bosses can take a while.
-Difficult to cap res. Need to take all-res nodes on tree unless quite rich.
-Chaos Res is a luxury. Can get up to roughly 0% or higher with high investment, but given the very low slots available, it's hard to get much. Luckily, given the high block and evade, chaos damage from hits is not scary, so there's no worry about getting oneshot by Al-Hezmin's mobs or the Incursion Temple vaal shooter things. The main danger is ground degens, as they do not hit and as such are not blocked or evaded. Don't stand on caustic ground and you are not in too much danger.


Read 3.11 update for new PoBs.

Gearing Tips (still good for 3.11):
This build does not use weapons or gloves, as it employs the Hollow Palm Keystone

Body Armor :

Best body armor which is not super expensive is an astral plate with high life and res. Antireflect and -mana cost chests are a bait. The -mana cost chest can easily be replaced by either an enduring mana flask or some mana leech from a Fuel the Fight on a cluster.

The much better option (but 15 ex+) is a high life, dex and res armor.


Astramentis is BiS for this build. Even an amulet with high dex, life, and %increased attributes costing 10 ex results in a loss in both Damage and Life when compared to Astramentis. Anoint with Forceful Skewering to avoid having to path through a strength area. Pathing through dex=getting more damage and life, so it should be avoided.


Cyclopean Coil is BiS. Get a 15% increased attributes roll if possible. Don't forget to use intrinsic catalyst on this and Astra.


High res, high life and high dex are the priority. Mana leech is a good quality of life but not necessary. Getting more res can save you up to 5 points, allowing you to spec into either more damage or life, as you won't need to take the elemental res passives on the tree. If getting 100+ res rings with good life and dex, you can get cheaper rings and use rares in the helmet and boot slots with some res in order to make up for it. Using a rare in the boot slot combined with cheaper rings can reduce the price of the build by as much as 5 ex, but loses out on quite a bit of tankyness.


Starkonja's is the default choice, as it is very cheap even with very good rolls (try to get 68+ dex and at least mid 90s for life). If you want to get more res, try to buy a rare evasion helmet with 80+ life, 50+ dex, and 50+ res. Can get a good helm for a mid price range. If you've got the money, this is generally a good upgrade over starkonjas, as it will allow you to buy either cheaper rings (lowering the overall build cost even though the helm costs more), or rings with less res and other QoL mods (such as mana leech or vuln on hit, which is expensive an OP). If it will allow you to drop Res nodes on the tree, go for it and get some more life or damage.

Here's an example of a top tier rare:

The only issue with it is that the base is not pure evasion. But the massive life and good dex is worth it. The small loss in attack speed and dex is worth the defense gains. If you can spec out of res on tree and into some more damage, 4-5 more points of damage (or better yet, dex) on the tree will lead to a net increase in damage, and a net life increase in the hundreds if you grab more dex.


BiS is by far Garukhan's flight. If you can't afford the steep price tag (4 ex+) try to get rare boots with high dex, life, 30% ms, and res. Having res on the boots also decreases the price of the rest of the build, so dropping garukhan's flight let's you go mega budget (worse chest and rings possible with rare boots and helm), but the build loses a lot of life without Garukhan's.

Utility + Damage:
Graceful Assault
Charging Offensive
Disciple of Slaughter (can drop Blood Frenzy losing the degen, expensive)
Singular Focus

Ambidexterity (less cheap, but still cheap)
Swift Skewering (if using variant without it, mid price)
Master of Force (best damage option, mid price)

Pure Utility:
Cleansed Thoughts (if trying to max chaos res, expensive)
Hardened Scars (allows you to drop Fortify support for Melee Phys, and still have perma fortify. Best if used with blood of the Karui flask. If running blood of the Karui, you should have a anti corrupted blood jewel)
Discipline and Training (for more life)
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Your build looks great!

I'm looking to level as a gladiator as well.

Have you tried infernal blow or smite? What are you thoughts on those two skills with hollow palm?
JayChow wrote:
Your build looks great!

I'm looking to level as a gladiator as well.

Have you tried infernal blow or smite? What are you thoughts on those two skills with hollow palm?

Infernal Blow has anti-synergy with this build, as the build relies on impale and pure phys stacking to deal damage. Impale stores only phys damage, so converting half of our phys to fire, when impale supplies 75% of our dps, completely gimps the build. To make Infernal Blow work well with Hollow Palm, you'd need to create a Fire-Conversion Chieftain build which does not utilize impale.

While Smite does work with impale, it's main issue is that it is less mobile than Cyclone and deals less damage than Frenzy. Unless you want to run Smite for flavor, it's almost universally better to just run Frenzy and drop a bit of block to grab 2 (or 3) extra frenzy charges. You also can't run Brutality support, which adds a ton of damage, with Smite, or you would completely miss out on Smite's added lightning damage buff.

It's possible to modify this build for Frenzy, only losing a little bit of life and 3% block, while gaining 2m dps, bringing the dps up to 4m. All you have to do is drop Heart of Oak and Aspect of the Panther. Then pick up the nodes Fervour and Savagery (+1 max frenzy charges each). Run Frenzy in the 6 link set up, with Frenzy-Impale-MeleePhys-Brutality-Multistrike-Fortify, and swap multistrike and brutality out for melee splash and ancestral call when not bossing. The build is less mobile and very slightly less tanky, but deals way more damage.

Also a quick tip for leveling – path straight to the cluster jewel socket near Ranger and socket Hollow palm, then use the next couple levels to grab some Dexterity. Socket Astramentis then start just stacking life. The jewel's scaling is busted early, as the flat added phys is balanced for maps and does not scale with level. Just having it + Astra + some Dex from tree gives you enough damage to phase A10 kitava in a few seconds. And you're in act 2 at this point lol. From there on you can just stack health, and come out of acts with 3-4k health already, and a 100k+ tooltip dps, before even investing in any real damage.
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How does this build handle reflect?
Hey! I am currently leveling this build and will update on findings. It looks great so far.

Currently using these for mana issues and damage. I recommend highly. I also am looking for something thats not an astramentis but that may be pricy.
Hakusan wrote:
How does this build handle reflect?

It doesn't. Just have to reroll maps that have reflect, but that's the case for just about every phys build.
Elctric77 wrote:
Hey! I am currently leveling this build and will update on findings. It looks great so far.

Currently using these for mana issues and damage. I recommend highly. I also am looking for something thats not an astramentis but that may be pricy.

In my opinion Astramentis is the most cost efficient for the neck slot. You can of course buy an amulet with high life, high dex, % increased dex, and % increased attributes, but those amulets are SUPER expensive, even if you drop one of the mods. Those rings are definitely nice, and vulnerability on hit is a large damage increase, but you may have trouble finding good enough rings res and dex wise late game that also have those mods. You generally want rings with 60+ life, 50+ dex, and 100+ res, but that sort of ring is expensive. The high res is what enables for uniques in the helmet, neck, boot, and belt slots. If you want to drop one of those uniques, you can then get better rings as you have an extra slot for res. The issue is if you do drop something like the belt or boots, getting an adequate substitute even without res is still expensive. Adding on res in those slots with a belt that is better for dex stacking with cyclopean coil could easily be a 3-4 ex belt or more.
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I totally agree with what you are saying about astramentis and the rings. I'm gonna keep on with the vulnerability one but I did end up switching out of the minus mana ring for

Scaling pretty dang well so far. I love the block
It does scale very well. Glad the block feels nice. I'm running this is as zerker, but this build is my "if I could go back I'd do this instead". The zerker had way more damage than necessary, so I scaled back and dropped a bunch of damage to get 7k life. But he has no layered defenses, so he still gets popped pretty frequently. The gladiator is a way better build and the layered defenses should make him an amazing boss killer. I'm just too lazy to go back and level a duelist lol.

For your rings, Vulnerability on hit is just insanely good. If you can cap res and the ring has decent dex and life on it, definitely keep it. Will be a major boost to your damage without losing much survivability. As for the -mana cost ring, as long as you get an enduring mana flask and a tiny bit of mana leech anywhere, you're perfectly fine. You might not even need the mana leech for glad as long as you can sustain your flasks. My zerker does fine with just flask + leech even when I pop Berserk and attack 20ish times per second.

As for the amulet, I did some checking, and I lose both life and damage when swapping from an astramentis to a god tier amulet with a ton of dex, life, and %increased attributes. There was only one on the delirium market like it and it was 40 ex. And lost damage AND life versus astramentis. Astra is just too good for this build to pass up.
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Where is your leech coming from? I'm not seeing anything on the POB. so far enjoying it, but not quite at mapping and worried the rings are going to kill me cost wise. already spent a fortune (for me) on the chest/boots.
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