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Any chance of fixing the "unexpected disconnection occured" problem anytime soon? Or if its not fixable so that it doesn't happen again, or not as often, at least please suggest ways of bypassing it?
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mongoen11 wrote:
Imagine being so childish that you post something like "gg league dead" after less than a week of delirium being out. In that time, 3 patches have already come out in order to address the community's concerns and its clear that GGG is making a lot of effort to make us happy yet there are people who are "fans" of this game who have been playing "since 1.0" that believe this is unacceptable? Holy shit you guys sound like the most spoiled idiots in the world. You do understand that no product will ever come out without issues and it takes feedback to be able to address these issues, right? If you truly believe this league is dead because of this, I suggest you go play Diablo 3 where there is new content every 8 months and there is never anything new except for a slight meta change each season.

I'd rather play a game where the company introduces new content for its players and takes risks and then listens to feedback and fixes those issues than play a game that doesn't take risk and plays the safe card by not releasing anything. Ever.

The reason poe is such broken mess is because peeps like you swallow any shit they pump out and religiously buying packs and wings.

So what's new? Campaign you've been running 500 hundred times for years like a braindead zombie, labyrinth a millionth time anyone. You don't need anything new, just a new 'league' name, new hype, new pog. And then mobs just appear in an expanding circle, follow the line etc.
They can release their trash leagues every day or every year or never but it must work. If it doesn't they can f off together with all the shills.
I would like to thank the GGG team for their hard work and for responding quickly to the requests of players for changes in the league. I'm surprised at the players who keep complaining and criticizing the GGG team. It's cool for me. Buy yourself some good graphics cards. Dispose of the scrap and you'll be happy Bill. There's no Arpg game on the market that would give so much fun. I've been playing from the very beginning, I passed Closed Beta and I know how much effort has been put into the production of PoE. With such a complicated mechanics of this game, no one should be surprised that there are bugs in the game. Only the one who licked the programming of games knows about it, and if you don't have the green idea about programming, it's better not to talk to one another because it proves that you are a troll or a lame duck.
To little to late. League is over for me. The loss in currency (also the potential fr it) is already gone.

I am seriously thinking about deleating my account since this is the third or fourth time in a row you are making the same misstakes all over again...

Sorry but that's just a dumb thing to say....League isn't even a week old and you say "League is over for me?" Then you are obviously playing the wrong game if a league is over for you in less than a week. Hey,at least they listen to the community!!! How many other game companies don't give a fuck about lack of rewards of difficulty and don't do anything to change? Most of them!!
greggz666 wrote:
too late already stopped playing GL next time GGG

Move on then, and stop your bitching!!! Have fun with WOW....
MidgetLove wrote:
So many sheep dont even read just post. POG AYYYY, the league is trash.

I never stopped playing a league so fast, its the same rehash of every other league except ....shit.
Throwing money at them for trash league, you can tell all their real devs are working on POE 2

Every RPG game has it's faults. Tell me one that doesn't List me an RPG game that doesn't have anybody complaining about it?
Alabamak wrote:
mechanic not bad, but rewards are really bad. Maybe you improve now, but too late. See you in PoE 2

too late??? LMAO. Yea, a 3 month league isn't even a week old and you say it's too late? Go back to playing WOW!
This all sounds promising, eager to check out the changes.

I seriously HOPE that visual clarity becomes a staple during developement and not something we have to cry about for one week before it is considered.
Can we please have things hit hard and have high health deeper into the fog like in the original patch? I really enjoyed the higher difficulty and time it took to kill things. With the patch yesterday, things already seem to just fall over.
I feel like you guys really liked the idea of things getting progressively harder till the point where packs on the opposite side of the map felt like brick walls and I really enjoyed that as well. I love many of these fixes but I wish that the difficulty still ramped up in a noticeable way. This is the perfect sort of mechanic that could be tuned to provide the level of difficulty that everyone is looking for and have an amount of risk/reward that goes along with it and bail out when they feel it exceeds their comfort zone.
Xystre wrote:
mongoen11 wrote:
I'd rather play a game where the company introduces new content for its players and takes risks and then listens to feedback and fixes those issues than play a game that doesn't take risk and plays the safe card by not releasing anything. Ever.

cut the shit, this thing has been happening every single league.. and I see your "supporter" packs it's not your first dance and you know how things roll at this point.. they are not testing leagues properly before releasing them.

Then go play a game like WOW. I'm sure THEY listen to the community like GGG does! LMAO...

All the problems that are going on in this world right now and people are so fucking nitpicky about evey fucking thing..... GGG isn't perfect, and I'm sure they will tell you that themselves....So go find your PERFECT RPG.....And please report back when you find that PERFECT RPG. I imagine we won't hear back from you with that game title.

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