3.10.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

funkiwi wrote:
tbh I dont get all the discussion about the league mechanic.
Yes, it's abit overtuned but fun too. Just stay on the run to not get hit :-).

Nah, it's complete trash of a league mechanic. But maybe this patch improves it.
Der Patch ist bei mir 25.5 GB groß ist das richtig so? o.O
Marinxar wrote:
Overall difficulty reduction of delirium was not the issue AT ALL. Don't you guys ever listen to ANYTHING we say.

The hidden one-sot mechanic is not addressed
The timer causing the need to backtracking is not addressed
No visual or audio key ( Like volatile blood ) introduced to warn on dangerous delirium encounters.
Nothing done about severe performance issues.

Nothing that was real concern was actually addressed here, except the on-death mortar...if that is even it, and not just the skill the live mobs uses.

It bothered me in their last notice that they discussed addressing the delirium damage but obviously didn't understand the actual problem. I tried posting about it but the forums died while I was typing lol

I'm convinced their only "testing" involves either gear-provided presets or slow a f hardcore builds that literally no one runs.

All of the issues from Legion, and Metamorph, are still in play.
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Sorry but before was glad to play a stayble league now i got dcs path of exile not working every 1-2maps which makes it not satisfying to paly if you loose zana tps etc

btw like the league did like it before as well was hard but fine at least fine for sc

for hc dunno prolly not xD

please fix it to be stable again ty...

btw got 3 dc deaths today would been 92 by now nearly about to stop the league and the dc death werent even with delirium activated ....

sorry just really frustrated now plz get the performance dc fixed again was fine before...

Forgot to add not only is increased dual wield damage not working still post patch crit chance/multi doesnt seem to be working properly as well....
Toss a Chaos to your Leader
OH Red Maps a Plenty
oh Red Maps a Plenty
Toss a Chaos to your Leader
completely unplayable, got to level 70 avoiding deliriums. now in maps soon as I go thru the mirror frames go to 0... disconnected, dead, etc. It was all fine until this launch
too much lag even if not going through delirium, even just monolith, having too much lag...wasn't like this before in the previous league...
This patch seemed to have broken Unleash Support on Blade Vortex. Not gaining any seals at the moment. Please look into this.
k managed to get a lvl but rly why do we get constant crashes takes the fun away

not talking about the league think its totally fine but getting crashed constantly keeps me from doing anything that matters atm

btw got more crashes today then whole league before was stayble heaven

and got to add just tried the delirium orbs nice idea but how to beat that if crashes takes most your tps + white flickers dunno so saad love the idea but cant do one of those without constant crashes
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counted it had streak of 2 maps with not dcs highlight was 4dcs on one map average is like 1 per map at least this is not enjoyable thanks for fixing

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