3.10.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Thanks looking forward to testing this out!

Edit: I'm not usually on the hatertrain but this doesn't feel much better.
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
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... broken post
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Nabulsii wrote:
Al-Hezmin has not dropped a watchstone for me twice now. Unsure what to do since I can't progress.

For me, it is Drox. Dropped one stone and after that I killed him two more times and he was empty handed. Later my hero learned that Drox had run into money problems recently and has pawned the stone. Now he is ashamed to admit it and keeps pretending that everything is as usual, taunts and all.
Thx for fixing dual wielding.

Pls just do something with performance now. It is really need to be fixed.
Increased Damage while dual wielding swords still broken... Tease...
Toss a Chaos to your Leader
OH Red Maps a Plenty
oh Red Maps a Plenty
Toss a Chaos to your Leader
Fps? people cant play ur game
backtracking/timed event? cause people dont want play ur league content, if they stop - they die, if they pick loot - they die from expolding corpse and they will loose time of this small event
These fixes are an ok start but the delirium mechanic absolutely needs to have the timer increased by kills so that abyss, breach, blight, etc are worth stopping to do.
Bex_GGG wrote:


Atlas Reshuffle
We are making very minimal changes to the Atlas in Path of Exile: Delirium League, though we'll be making minor adjustments to a few map tiers. This will result in Atlas map completion being reset on Standard league. You will retain your Unique Map completion. Completing a high-tier map will complete all maps one tier below the map that you completed. For example, completing a Tier 15 Map will complete all maps up to Tier 14.


This is not true. Several players have feedback abt the same issue https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2781046/page/1.
For god sake, can you guys at least complete what you have committed publicly before you rollout the update/patch? Seriously how understaffed you guys are?
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Thanks GGG this actually made the game enjoyable to play again!!! i am always a big mouth when you drop the ball so i only think it is fair that i also tell you when you do the right thing =) Good job!!!

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