Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Gonna have to skip the league mechanic til the overtuned on-death effects are *fixed*. I purposuly make sure to constantly move AND to not go near the space where mobs died, and yet still these auto aim explosions instakill me. What is the purpose of capping resists and keeping a decent life pool if youre gonna die in 1 shot speed anyway ?
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Daemonion wrote:
Genocider wrote:
Unusual amounts of toxicity in this thread. Is this caused by easy, instant gratification leagues such as Legion? Newfrogs used to an easy PoE. Get back to fortnite will you?

This is somewhat true, but don't forget that game runs thanks to major playerbase statistically. You can curb your "hardcore-macho-top of 5% attitude" cause its not relevant for future of this game to not be a dead game.

Newfrogs feelings about game being hard is more important than your stance representing minimal playerbase. And that is a fact. Current general outrage is adequate.

Actual newfrog malding. Have you actually played maps yet? Why dont you try beating the game before you talk expertly about it.
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Josh21112 wrote:
And hazard buddy, its a video game. EVERYTHING IS FREE, this is not a job, it is not about work. it is about fun. Dont worry though we are all going to get free stuff in real life now, because you conservatives lied about a virus spreading around the world.

What are you even on about, buddy? Who compared this to a job?
Actually, I have a life and a job, and you know what keeps this game interesting from someone that doesnt spend nearly as much time on it as the grinding nerfheads that have nothing else to do? The fact that it has things in it I can always do.

Its a game does not mean everything is free. That is the silliest thing I ever heard. its a game, which makes the mechanics of a game more interesting when you are not handed things for free. Simple. History has proved this to be the case time and time again. Games like Diablo 3 that will bore the mind out of anybody aside from a mainstream casual player because it hands everything over to you the game has been dead since years ago because there is nothing to do in it period.

And what is this about conservatives? LOL. I am as far from it as can be, but your own statement contradicts it mate, since if I was Id want free stuff but, I am against it? lol. Are you even thinking straight at this point?

This game has remained popular and played for so long by so many people because, despite the whining of the silly little "hand me free shit" kids that have an attention span of a goldfish and just need bling to be tossed at their screen so they can keep playing, the game has stuck to its core routes of making it hard to find things and drops, give a challenge to the content in it, and create a setting where there are always things to do.

Now, go play some candy crush saga why don't you. Seriously, what an asinine contradictory assumption you made which should have been contradicted from your own observations to begin with and the fact that you didn't get that the moment you thought up the comment shows that you are living in your own little bubble and reflecting whatever your imagination conjured onto real life encounters even when facts dictate the opposite.

GGG, these are the people we are listening to for feedback now? Fk no.
darkilein1 wrote:
Genocider wrote:
Unusual amounts of toxicity in this thread. Is this caused by easy, instant gratification leagues such as Legion? Newfrogs used to an easy PoE. Get back to fortnite will you?

all u did was spreading more useless toxicity with ur comment.

Stating that the state of this thread is toxic, is worthy of being called out for furthering toxicity? Have you actually looked at the thread? There's vapid profanities thrown around, talk of sucking and eating *retracted* etc. Check your priorities man.
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Only a conservative would come into a video game and complain about making things free. Im still waiting HOW DOES A TIMER BEING REMOVED AFFECT YOU IN ANY WAY> you might a few more armouor pieces that are worthless from the extra reward you get for actually finishing a delirium encounter?. Hey how about Blight? Every single blight map had an encounter YOU COULD FULLY COMPLETE. and guess what IT WAS FUN. But you want to limit peoples fun, for what reason, because you think that people who dont play 8 hours a day, deserve to get any good times and actually have fun. How about you actually support the game before commenting every 5 mins on how other people GOOD IDEAS on how to make the league fun, are terrible ideas that affect you in no way. You sit here with no support and low achievements but want to tell everyone how the game should be played and how the game should reward people. Nah just get lost.
oh and hazard, unless there is an item magically showing up in your tab YOU DIDNT GET IT FOR FREE. Which no one here has EVER ASKED FOR.
oh and hazard, unless there is an item magically showing up in your tab YOU DIDNT GET IT FOR FREE. Which no one here has EVER ASKED FOR.
Argument point 50something at this point:

Keeping a game interesting.
You want this game to die? Then keep asking for easy loot, turn it into D3, and have it be played by nobody but the hardcore fans. Like for D3 with the hardcore blizz fans that still cling on, PoE will be a shadow played by nothing but supporters that will applaud no matter how much this game is destroyed.

Argument point 51:

There are ways around the loot rng.
And its called trade. And its what makes this game even more fun, it is the very thing that adds value to that one item you will find that will be sold for 2ex or 50 chaos. Its the same mechanic that allows you to grind past your rng and purchase an item you need as well and not have to sit there and lose sleep over it.

Argument point 52:

learn the game and its routes,
or sod off. The game is designed over a core idea that was established in Diablo 1 and more so Diablo 2. That is the core selling point this game always had, that is the core idea this game always had, that is the core reason why there is always a wall of difficulty to obtaining items, and being challenged with content. If you do not understand this and keep wanting to change the game into something that it is not, then you don't belong here. Fk off.

I'll use the same example I always use. its like a developer set out to make a racing simulator, and those that have zero clue what that even means want to push it to turn into an arcade racer. You're not welcome here. And I know GGG would argue your money is very welcome here, I know a part of them is dying a little every time they cave to asinine feedback.

Argument point 53:

You people heard about that? A game is meant to immerse you into its world. How on earth will achieve that when people are constantly turning it into a point and click loothorder with zero elements in it.

The fog in this case is the latest mechanic. Its an encounter. Its not meant to buff the stage to start dropping exalts and mirrors, or to alter the entire league with a free mechanic that just turns every stage into fog indefinitely.

Like most leagues, its a glance into "a pocket of the world of PoE" and we go through it to unlock a core encounter. Same as monoliths, same as Abyss, same as Incursions. They are instances within the world where you take a peak at something else that exists, and work on them to get to that place.

Same here. The fog encounters are an encounter, not a complete "always here" map buff. The immersion is that you access another realm, and a fog passes over the land. You keep up with this strange encounter of a fog that is passing through the land, and you see what is inside this fog. Whilst there, you pull out of it whatever you can, along with items (Delirium Orbs) that will allow you to dive right into this fog and experience it completely without a timer.

To recap, a fog passes the land, within it it reveals another layer to the world, and as you delve into it you find ways to access that fog indefinitely after that.

This is what an encounter means. This is what adds the immersion.

Speaking of immersion, the fog is white and the enemies are black. What on earth are you people not "capable of seeing"... You fkng blind or something?

If immersion is not important to you in a game, then again, you are playing games for the wrong reason, or this game at least. go play something else. its not different to making Lord of the rings and saying "screw the backgrounds, people are here to see Aragorn wield Anduril" and just leave green screens in there because fk it, why add immersion at all.

By far one of the best leagues I have enjoyed to the day, and the complaints are all backward "hand me things for free", "give me a full map buff for free", and "please ruin this immersive fog you created" feedback that do not, belong, in PoE.

Door is that way.

I would stress that the other 100k people currently playing the game this very moment I am writing this are completely cool with it and you are the 5% that complaints every time to make the game into something its not. You wont be missed one bit.
Its pretty obvious hazard has an agenda. the no support , barely played troll.
Josh21112 wrote:
oh and hazard, unless there is an item magically showing up in your tab YOU DIDNT GET IT FOR FREE. Which no one here has EVER ASKED FOR.

"Drops arent good enough" leads to one thing, handing shit out for free. Plain and simple. I see plenty of good drops. And not just in this single mechanic, but in the whole game.

Diablo 3 does not magically add items into your inventory, and yet in 5 rift runs you can get an entire set and collection of legendaries to make your build. that is called for free. Don't try to sound smart, its backfiring on you.

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