Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Alright ty GGG for addressing the performance issue. I actually and actively tried to fix it on my end thinking it was something in my pc (a brand new pc might i add). It is indeed increasingly more potent the further into the mist I go and continue into it. Good luck on researching it. Glad to know its not just me.
Worst part of this league is the game performance and it's not even close I can deal with shitty mechanics and on death effects, but they have made something wong between metamporth and delirium
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Damn it! I almost vomited because of this new fog running effect!
I'm now sick as f... Never had any epilepsy or anything else. First Delirium after fresh patch
Beach map - fog spreading effects on top of water....
Just alt+F4 as soon as you feel sick

Please be aware
Players have commented that they feel that monsters become too dangerous, deep in the encounters. The monster damage bonus scales up to 30% increased at absolute most. We are reviewing all of the Delirium monsters and skills to find any that are overtuned and will be making adjustments to any that might be dealing disproportionate damage.

LOL. ggg doesnt even play theyr own game . jesus christ lol
fk archnemesis.
Rockell wrote:
I've read a lot of comments and I am exceedingly happy none of you all are game designers.

At least we would be playing the game
"that is not how the core game loop of Action RPGs should function."

I can tell you what else should not be in the core game loop, the timer, which mainly works against new to medium player retention (although you may not see it for a while, due to the virus) by forcing those players into clear speed builds they may not understand, disabling fun on any slower builds and then still punishes them by making them backtrack after the timer ends.

If you're worried about players having too much rewards from removing the timers, either adjust the rates or just don't be worried, you're most well-received leagues were the most rewarding ones and the market adjusts, just look at last league.

I love you guys, but please just remove the timer, and many, many people have suggested this already, so what is the problem with it?
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Awesome and all.. now what about the fact that targeting spells like arc, won't cast if you point the mouse around the area where party members are shown, in the far top or at the far right of the screen?! :) annoying as hell... feels like playing on 17 inches screen,, though i'm on full hd 21 inches..
GGG has been catering to elitists and streamers last 2 years but even elitists/nolifers are crying. lmao you can't make this stuff up. no sympathy here, you lost your touch with your own reality and became slave to your own grandeur. And that's how mighty has fallen. I am done with this league and poe pretty much.
Remove the timer and half of the issues are literally fixed...
At some point someone said something like "don't nerf it too much just because casuals are asking".

What the hell is wrong with being a casual these days? I have a job, I have a wife, I have a life. Excuse me for not giving 23 of my 24 hours to a game. Seriously, that is just ridiculous. It even seems GGG takes this into to account somehow and really wants you to sink in. I'd love to see some statistics surrounding casual/non-casual numbers.

I complained in the patch notes post about all of the nerfs and said this league was a skip. Got a character into maps by just ignoring Delirium mechanic from level 30 and got bored. I might as well play Standard. Granted I'm playing the most hated build (minions) but that's just my league starter. However I'm not inclined to make another one.

Then comes this Manifesto that just plainly says "Hey, we know, but we will ignore most of it, and also we don't want fast clearing but that's how it goes, kid".

In the end, it's just a game. I'll try the league for another week and if it doesn't work, I'll see you guys in a couple of months. GGG doesn't care and we shouldn't either.

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