Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Also dynamic resolution please.
For some reason this feature not working anymore for me (and this league it would be great)
Since the league start is already over and the time for big currency is gone I dont want to play this league anymor.

And since ggg refuses to learn from their mistakes or just pretens to care I dont see a reason to sink more time into this game/league.

Maybe next one. Maybe not. There are plenty other good alternatives out there
"a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players"

Time to think of a better way. This affects fast builds way less than your average player since they just zoom zoom past before it goes off. While slower builds need to go around or if its a linear area, stop and wait for it to end.

Same for time limits on league mechanics; rewards fast powerful builds and punishes the rest. Get rid of them. You're trying to force people to slow down while encouraging going faster. Can't have it both ways.
I don't wanna be rude, but it's a very bad league. Worst in years imo. And not only coz Delirium encounter is very bad in general, but all the issues with performance and stability and lags and etc.
I think POE is gonna be just a game with filler stuff till POE 2. Some bad balanced and bad designed leagues in the future and that's it.
i love you GGG
if you were not in earth's asshole i would probably be working with you
Thanks, hopefully you'll figure out the performance issues before end of league.

Good lord, I was running in 1080p, mostly low settings in Metamorph and doing fine, only dropping frames when there was a lot of minions from other players, now frames are dropping with nothing around, no delirium, no other encounters, just a white map without mods, and there seems to be some sort of memory leak as after running the map FPS may stay low.

Also, minimap info resetted everytime I changed maps, which didn't happen last league.

SIGH. It's been a disaster so far.
Vacuuming all the map drops during the mist is weird but at least you can vacuum the items that drop from delirium monsters such as delirium splinters and cluster jewels.
You basically just confirmed what I have been suspecting all along. You are rushing out content to maintain a 3 month cycle for each league. You stated that you were considering making the reward bar increased faster the deeper into the mist you go, but did not have that ready in time! I know you have to make the monies from all the new mtx sales that inevitably comes with each new league, but to the detriment of the game being playable at league launch?

Having said all this I've really enjoyed the concept of pretty much every league I've played in since Breach. Even Synthesis was cool, but so rushed that many things felt broke and in fact were broke up until nearly the end of the league. To the point you were not able to make it go core.

You need to take more time.

My point being that by the time you "fix" each new league it's at least a month into the league if not more. So we get two months of a fully functioning/playable league if we're lucky and still interested in playing by then. I wanted more Synthesis for instance, but by the time it was all worked out there was about a month left and by then I was too sick of it to care.
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No vacuum - shitty annoying game play. At first we need to run as hell through entire map to find mobs and kill it by timer and then on empty map where u can't even refill your quicksilver flask u go back and picking all that dropped - such a waste of time. U said it is wierd to vacuum items but it is same wierd to force ppl run mindlesly forward and missing all drop to keep ancounter active.
Poor design GGG
Does GGG even play this game? Curious cause it doesnt feel like you do.

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