Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium

Socaro wrote:
Socaro wrote:

Examples, please, because u couldnt post more generic and vague post even if u tried.

You couldn't have left a more pathetic attempt at shifting burden of proof if you tried, be more specific or stfu.

Read previous pages where i posted some stuff, and im not shifting anythink. If u want to complain on something, give some examples, not only vague bla bla.

Lets make it simple, what is nerf to the ground this patch?

a) I made a specifically generalized statement about GGGs balancing practices to enlighten someone who clearly does not understand them and has built all of his arguments and ideas from the lack of this knowledge.

b) Dig through 54+ pages of comments for 'your stuff' so I can have a conversation I am not interested in having with you, why don't you go grind down that ego, you aren't nearly special enough to warrant that amount of time investment.

c) Demanding I give you, examples, data, pics, whatever the fuck you decide is the arbitrary and ever expanding list of shit you think is necessary to validate the points I am making which I do not care to validate is called 'shifting the burden of proof'. Its a scrublord level argumentative technique used by people who are interested in winning an argument rather than actually discussing anything in a constructive manner, while putting in little to no intellectual effort of their own. Go fuck yourself with that.
~ I am Wreaclast middle class and proud of it!
~ Poor investment =/= entitlement to compensation.
~ Build smart, build S-mart!
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Lyonnel wrote:
...can be purchased from Siosa by all classes except Marauder.

seriously ?!
all gems (requiring lvl28 or less at lvl 1) should be soldable by Siosa.

not having any movement skill at level 4 was already a pain in the ass, so why adding pain ?
They almost certainly meant Clarissa. I'm sure Siosa will continue to sell level 1 versions of all gems that are quest rewards for any class.
Thank you SO MUCH for nerfing the Summonner builds.

This was a pathetic class which excelled with GARBAGE gears which I never wanted to even craft the items where so ugly looking. 100% rerolls.

To whoever is crying about the nerfs, just get better at the game and play something else. Poe isn't meant to be an AFK game, that's what makes it fun. The content need's to be ALOT harder.

That being said,

+2 arrows on bows will be nice, no more double curse rings, not a problem. Easy fix.

Great job on the summoner NERF. Such a looser build.

Everybody mad because it’s no longer AFK league. Now please, go make a real build.
cyvviola wrote:
Everybody mad because it’s no longer AFK league. Now please, go make a real build.

Lol do you mean where you keep holding down a button and watch the boss fall over, man that one button click makes all the difference to you people...

Make a build which requires actual mechanical skill to use, oh wait, you can't becuase the game isn't designed around that kind of gameplay in most instances. Anyone who talks about play complexity in PoE is a joke.
~ I am Wreaclast middle class and proud of it!
~ Poor investment =/= entitlement to compensation.
~ Build smart, build S-mart!
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still no love for lancing steel.

im out, thats boring
EvilMistrz wrote:
RaidEE wrote:
Looking good. No additional melee nerfs, which is nice. Cyclone it is then.
Also i'm HAPPY that they somewhat nerfed summoners/necros. That shit was ridiculous. You could defeat Sirus with less than 50c gear.
Can't wait to play.
xD you are stupid .... xD Summoners must pay lots of c to have why to kill Sirus ...
2-3Ex Timless Jewels 2 Brawn Jewels 30-70c for start of the league ...
Becouse that brain dead people like you game will by shit ... allways cry becouse you dont have why do this what summoners was do ...

I lost too many brain cells trying to read that. You smell like a summoner. Go away and play wolcen. PoE isn't meant for you. Or any summoners really.

Let me shatter your reality for you, instead of nerfing everything systematically into the ground, they could...are you ready for this? No? Don't care, BUFF EVERYTHING ELSE! Then design content around the new power level the game has reached, what they are doing is punishing players for their development shortcomings by taking things away from them that they have spent time and effort on, a practice that until recently was a cardinal no no for them. Then again it still holds for all things that are ACTUALLY broken with the game, they aren't going to nerf those because the free advertisement they get from their mouthpieces of the community would go away then. Funny how that works no? Only shit obtainable to the general public gets the axe.

Also the game is currently balanced around a level of power unattainable to most players so your argument is void, it always was and more than likely will be balanced around the people who stream, for whom this is a JOB. I want a fucking game, not a JOB.

Some people say that all builds are viable and players just mindless follow the most popular meta builds. Those are bollocks. In almost every league I have tried to make non-meta build and every time I was disappointed how it inefficient it was - it was extremely hard to make the league content. This is why there are only few builds that covers 90% of a league meta. Other ones just sucks. If GGG really thinks of having builds diversity, they would have to rebalance all ascendancies and buff lots of active skills.
Was any consideration given to leap slam builds for the Sirius fight?

The way it is now you always get tagged by the beam when moving through it since leap slam doesn't tele - this seems like an unfair nerf to melee builds who already have a hard enough time with certain mechanics, while tele skills are unaffected. You can't just sit in a wedge the whole time since that will get you killed super quick by the beam.
I dare GGG to do the following in-house experiment.

Select 100 people which never played POE before to play under supervision for 10 days or two weeks. Different demographics, 12-55 years, m/f, with/-out family, student, worker or unemployed, all with some degree of previous experience and affection for arpgs.
Let them play POE under your supervision, under following condition:

- no less than 2 hours no more than 4 hours/day
- access just to some basic beginner guide for poe and in-game tutorials
- access to a trading "site" managed in-house by a POE employee, which is listing several thousands items of all sorts but has the strict rule of only respond randomly to every twentieth request
- state it very clear at the beginning that is a fresh start with equal chances for everyone
- play every 5 minutes system messages that x or y player has reached X or Y act, map, delve depth etc, all around 100% to 1500% advanced compared to the most advanced of those 100 testers.
- run on a background screen at some intervals short clips with streamers playing poe and destroying content, preferably in some similar environments with which players are struggling at that moment.
Also noone is forced is stay and play for the full duration of the experiment, they can leave whenever they want.

After two weeks, you will have an image about the current state of the game, unbiased by redditors, streamers, forum QQers, diablo fanboys, white knights and whatnot.

If 10% of those people still want to play poe at the end of the period, i would say its a huge success. Probably not.

I considered long and hard why to put that much thought and imagine this scenario, and write it down too (english not my primary). It would have been so much easier to just let it pass, see from afar what happens during the league, or not, and generally just meh.
I did it because i still care about poe.

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