3.10 - Blade Blast - Blade Blade Blasting Duo Build

I did someting different for soloplay

i went cast while channeling cyclone bladefall

use a trigger a socketed spell when use a skill axe with decent stats to cast bladeblast

trigger with an instant steelarmor so i wont need to stop cycloning to trigger the blast
@ylimsalam - This is a decent option as well. I decided not to go the trigger route since you only get half as many lingering blades to detonate. Also the weapon trigger has a 4s cooldown, how is your boss single target? I imagine the clear is nice but your single target probably takes a huge hit.
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Dmillz wrote:
Current character gear and progress

I got the 6L Cauteriser for 20c. Not optimal colours but it's good enough. Got extremely lucky and 6L Carcass Jack in 90 Jews and 14 Fusings. Picked up the Life Gain on Spell Hit rings today, they are awesome for Delirium, unless I get legit 1-shot I'm almost unkillable at this point. Sitting at 6k life and 1.1k ES and steamrolling pretty hard. Just got a few T6 drops so going to push into yellows tonight hopefully.

Character Path of Building URL

Question about PoB links...

Which one do I use for solo play as there are two listed and the total DPS numbers are quite different. I switched all my gear/gems to the PoB listed second below..

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/bB3L7zPD
This uses the LocalIdentity fork. Installation instructions here.


Current characters Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/GjKb3g9Q


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