3.10 - Blade Blast - Blade Blade Blasting Duo Build

So the skills you use changes whether you are solo or playing as a duo. For solo play you hand-cast Bladefall and use a Blade Blast totem. For duo play you swap your gems and hand-cast Blade Blast and don't use any totem at all.

You only don't want fire damage added to spells if you are using Malachai's Artifice ring. Personally I decided not to use the ring since Blade Blast does so much single target damage it isn't worth the hassle of casting a spell to get Elemental Equilibrium.

I wouldn't recommend anything in HC for Delirium. It's extremely dangerous and rippy. If you really want to play HC this build is fairly solid. You need to be careful early on until your Bladefall DPS gets high enough to one-shot magic packs so you use your Blade Blast totem a lot which slows you down. Once your damage ramps up it clears very well.
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To ask about what you mention above, when you say hand-cast bladefall for solo, does this mean CoC isn't recommended? I know you linked the duo partner Scion build, but I'm a bit confused as to which parts of it I should follow for solo since I'm still a chieftain.

Also I'm wondering how you get the dexterity required for this build, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I can barely level my skills.
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If you are playing solo I would recommend you follow the CoC build instead of this one.

Just pick up some Dexterity nodes on the tree and respec out of them later when you have Dexterity on gear.
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I plan to play this specifically as a duo with my buddy. If I'm the blade blaster, what could go in my chest or weapon to replace the bladefall skill links?
Are you never playing solo? You could do a decoy totem, slap on a kaoms, or just come up with a bunch of utility. I haven't thought about it too much since I need the colours for when I play solo and don't want to swap a ton more gems around.
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Current character gear and progress

I got the 6L Cauteriser for 20c. Not optimal colours but it's good enough. Got extremely lucky and 6L Carcass Jack in 90 Jews and 14 Fusings. Picked up the Life Gain on Spell Hit rings today, they are awesome for Delirium, unless I get legit 1-shot I'm almost unkillable at this point. Sitting at 6k life and 1.1k ES and steamrolling pretty hard. Just got a few T6 drops so going to push into yellows tonight hopefully.

Character Path of Building URL
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Anything you recommend getting to increase the size of the Cyclone? I'm playing solo and am doing fine for the most part, but some things wreck me because I can't get close enough to them.

Also, the Vigilant Strike on your partner build is tied to CWDT. I assume we have to keep it at level 10 so it can be proc'd by CWDT, or do we manually cast it?

I'm sort of following a mix of the two builds since I'm a Chieftain, and some of the things in the other tree/build won't apply to as far as I'm aware.
You can get some melee range nodes on the tree if you want, CoC is always rough until you get going a decent amount.

CWDT only works on spells. Vigilant strike is manually used.
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"So the skills you use changes whether you are solo or playing as a duo. For solo play you hand-cast Bladefall and use a Blade Blast totem."

Hi, isn't it the other way around if you are playing solo? In your current gear screen you have spell totem with bladefall...

Also.. when should we stop leveling arcane surge and CWDT ?
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No I said it correctly. You hand-cast Bladefall and drop a Blade Blast totem when you want to explode things. I clear most trash packs with just Bladefall, it's fairly quick once your damage starts scaling. My gear was probably configured for Duo play when I linked it in the post. I self cast Blade Blast and I don't use a totem at all in the Duo.

I have the levels in the Path of Building of all my gems. My I chose to use lv8 CWDT with a lv14 Steelskin. Arcane Surge for me is 6 but it depends how much mana you spend on Flame Dash. You want it to proc every cast.
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