Metamorph Ends Soon - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

I don't know if this is a bug, I spent points for two glimmerwood boxes but I did not get the free one that I was supposed to.. any inisight on this from anybody?
Stay awhile... and listen.
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Not a fan of these looooong weekend sales that last for 6 days.
What an effing joke.
For anyone asking about receiving the free box, you have to check the microtransaction list (N by default). I found mine there at the top of the list.
Another hideout decoration for me xD Im at like 9/10 decorations from the last 10 free boxes :D
weta for 2 coins POG
bagermatt wrote:
weta for 2 coins POG

How do we get box of 2 coins? There's always stuff with 20 coins minimum.
2 boxes, 2 more statues. I think I'm done lmfao...
Thanks for the box !

it's kinda sad i have so much double or more from these boxes any chances that we can trade them or ? it'ss like opening an empty box at the end ^^'
Spend over 600 point and no any portal and wings, I HATE this GACHA.

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