Metamorph Ends Soon - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

Kaivuri101 wrote:
No thx. Unnerf the atlas and then we can talk.


Kaivuri101 wrote:
No thx. Unnerf the atlas and then we can talk.

Not sure why you want it buffed. The atlas feels way too strong atm. Map sustain is too easy. First time I have had such an easy time running tier 14+.
it already looks like you're going to leave the atlas like that according to your thread over there..

I will see if I will spend some weeks on this game according to your patch notes but sure as hell I won't be focusing on endgame with the amount of things you refuse to change to the atlas endgame grind.

oh and ofc, no money for this game until... well I see less activision behavior.
Turning players into payers.

Have "fun" alpha testing this league. I may or may not play this league after they are done "listening" to feedback.

The same people laughing at the dead horse for W3 reforged mysteriously ignores that every new league TGGG releases is a W3 reforged.
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Very tempted to get some glimmerwood boxes, (I already have the points I fully understand the boycott crowd) but I'm poor, these points matter to me and I don't want dupes or stuff I'll never use. I feel like I'd be better off buying actual scratch off tickets if I'm willing to gamble.

I wish you'd let us gift mtx.

Def not getting a supporter pack this league, I just don't like them and it's a waste to buy points not in a pack.

So this is my last 160 points for the next 3 months or whatever.

Edit: I got one glimmerbox, got a toad pet worth less than the box. But at least I like it. Quitting while I'm ahead. The odds of a dupe or trash only go up each time. My free box was trash because that whole set is trash imo. I got the condom head. I'm sure someone else wants it and I'd give it to them but I can't.

I wish you guys weren't so greedy. I don't mind spending, I mind feeling cheated and gamed.

If I could gift my spares I'd spend 4x the money I currently do. The hate boner for sharing you have GGG is what tells me the kind of people you are.

Or you could just lower the prices to sanity's range and abandon this box crap.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
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Got the Black Portal Effect this time from the free Mystery Box, funnily, I got the White Portal Effect from the previous free Mystery Box promotion.

Now I can combine both to get my new favorite Yin Yang portal :) Thanks GGG & RNG!

PS: Excited to try out the new League.
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i still think the mystery boxes is so disgusting.
And i have to point this out every single time. Especially when you bring back old boxes!
Loving the state of the atlas!
I try not to post negative stuff, but I feel like I need to add to the 'Atlas noise' in hope of updates.

I found it super un-enjoyable this league and am dreading the fact that current changes are not going to make it feel any better this coming league.

I have gone out of my way to plan a way of playing the game with as little Atlas interaction as possible for Delirium, so here's hoping that works out.

My issue is that it feels like a massive grind to go through the Atlas now, where it used to feel fun and breezy. On top of which, I feel like I am forced to run a tonne of maps I don't enjoy, just to be able to run a few I do enjoy. In the previous Atlas I felt I had an amount of choice in what maps I ran and I was able to manage my own destiny in the Atlas. Now I feel like I have to play the game in a way someone else is dictating. That just FeelsBadMan.

...and soon we will also have an additional change which will put Awakener Influence in place regardless of how you socket Watchstones, reducing my ability to manage the Atlas even further.

...then to boot, my friends and family that play, but don't have much time to do so, are looking at other games, because the grind is pushing things out of their reach. *sigh*
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