Metamorph Ends Soon - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

next please
For the league launch, will people ever get to enter the game without waiting in a long line? People in the front of the line will be passed lvl 10 by the time the line gets processed...which is quite unfair, don't you think?

You could at least make it like league events such that no one can move until the line queue has been processed...
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Morgath wrote:
Will there be a new Mystery Box coming next week as well?

(This is more for experienced players than GGG, since I'm guessing they want people to spend on the announced previous boxes first, then hit us with the new boxes.)


"What's in the booooxxxxx?"

Yes, there is a very high likelihood that new a new mystery box will be released 1-3 days after the new league launches.

My advice is to set a limit with boxes and stick to it. My limit every time a new one launches is 5 boxes. It is easy to blow through your points buying boxes.

Too bad, 3 month leagues are way too short to fully enjoy the content.

Leagues are a bug fest up to 50% into the league.

Too bad, like they say, what a waste of talent...
so many mystery boxes, i smell big things coming.

to all those blackmailers like "i support if you xxx", lol, as if that ever worked.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Yeah, I can say that I enjoyed and like this league. League hat? Not so much.
No thanks, I'll keep my money where it belongs
Thank you very much!

Cant understand nor take all those embittered and unconstructive complaints, specially those trying to blackmail about money, just sad. And the ridiculous, paradoxical part is that all of those people are going to play anyway, just complain all the way along. Maybe try to enjoy the game for a change? ^^

Thanks again, so hyped for new league!
xtcxtc wrote:
Bought a Weta and got a 2nd White Dragon Pet

You guys ever see that fat mom in Walmart, Best Buy or Macy's customer service making a scene "If you dont fix this, I wont buy here ever again!".

Thats most of you people are right now.

If you dont like whats on TV, change the channel. If you dont like this game, dont play it, move on, stop whining like a bitch here. There's literally thousands of games out there, and yet youre still here. Why? Coz you guys are lowkey begging for a change. Begging in threat form so you'll feel edgy and shit keeping your pride intact. Face it, GGG has your balls and you know youll still be playing this game even with the changes. If not, good move the fuck on.

Paying 60 bucks every 3 months doesnt make you part-owner of GGG and you cant make em do stuff. You can suggest, and IF they like it, they'll do it. Dont act like YOU caused that change. Ok fat moms?

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