Mana-based Gems and Stormbind Demo

With stormbind and rune blast do you get to pick which rune blows up first via the channeling aspect?

I noticed the channeling beam was moving in the video. Might be cool if it does so you can choose where to teleport via the "teleport to the first rune that was detonated" effect.
Please explain why Stormbind was designed as two separate abilities instead of just one which applied the hinder aoe if you channeled in an area where it didn't already exist and empowered it if you channeled where it did. You then teleport to the first area which was empowered.
Tezzeret35 wrote:
What about stormbind totems? Totems with aoe that travel and potentially find new enemies? Seems worth a shot

totems with mana?
Pretty weird that you HAVE to channel twice to use one skill, unless you CWC.

The other stuff is welcome and adds interesting gameplay choices for sure.
This is why PoE is the greatest ARPG out there. After years they still come up with unique ways to build characters.
Coffee & Cigarettes
Atziri's Foible is gonna be 100c this league.
nice! look forward to testing it all out :)
AvesoM1 wrote:
Mana guardian can become non-boring and fun! Finally!

Everywhing says it work with unreserved mana, and guardian profit from most of mana reserved, so its not gona be Very good
Holy shit Archemage support is tempting! I love the feeling of my adrenaline rush when my mana down to hill like that.
stormbind explosion effect seems weak to me.
In love Hardcore solo self-found mode

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