Mana-based Gems and Stormbind Demo

nice work
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jacarishe wrote:
Very Nice...


Each gem added to the game adds new labyrinth enchants, increasing even more the VERY HUGE pool of Helmet Enchants, making it harder and harder to get a good enchant in an Helmet (or even a usable one).

It would be great if we could choose between 3 Divine Fonts in the end of labyrinth:

==> It gives a Enchant Related to a GREEN GEM

==> It gives a Enchant Related to a BLUE GEM

STRENGTH Divine Font
==> It gives a Enchant Related to a RED GEM

So we could at least have someway the "right type" of enchant in an helmet, from the 300 enchants pool.

Another option would be having just one Divine Font that, in case of a HELMET being enchanted, it would give 3 different enchants (Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength) for us to choose one between the three.

hmm or maybe make colours of sockets make impact on enchant output like :
3 green 1 blue sockets will give chance : 75% dex and 25 % inteligence enchant
4 red sockets = 100% chance for STR enchant ?
White socket idk free coockies ?

well whatever would be nice if they upgrade this in any way
will there be a way to completely eliminate the reserved mana that spellslinger requires? like through blood magic or lvl it up idk
hm wondering if there is any use for chaos dmg based casters. lets see...
Why make Archmage add lightning dmg? Would be much more interesting if it choose dmg based on what spell you use. Like fire for fireball, cold for freeze pulse, ect.
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