Mana-based Gems and Stormbind Demo

wow those all look like a definite skip, slow and underwhelming
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
looks terrible
More content for spell builds so NOTHING NEW

I really wonder how the skill and support gem designers got their job, probably they won it in a round of poker since clearly they arent qualified to do anything in this game that would actually make a push for BALANCE.

Clearly you dont know what you are speaking about, if you dont like it, just go with flicker or any other build, that requires zero effort and fairly low intelect. Im looking forward to try out new things, even if they are not balanced. This isnt a competitive PvP game so balance is sort of irelevant (to me atleast).
Big mana pool + Arcane cloak + Manastorm? hmmmmm...
EH RAT Chieftain guide :
wow, stormbind seems slow and clunky
also I didn't expect the teleport. So if the explosion doesn't kill the mobs, you are now in the middle of them?
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this game rules!
Interesting skills and the visuals are great.
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The arcane cloak effect looks cool.
Stormbind / Runeblast on the other hand looks really ass.
But at least the next ones are going to be amazing, right? Since you put every mechanic imaginable into one skill culminating in a huge pile of dung. Teleport, Two skills One Gem, upgrading, weird area effect.
Imagine how intuitive and fluid the skill would be, if you could just paint the pattern with the runeblast beam and it would explode after releasing the button. You could even fit an upgrade mechanic in there, maybe based on time spent channeling, or number of adjacent fields.
What about stormbind totems? Totems with aoe that travel and potentially find new enemies? Seems worth a shot
in the next expansion we will be stuck in the Atlas I think haha
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