Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

Forcing people to do certain content to sustain maps is a TERRIBLE decision. Not just for the community but for the developers. MAPS should not be a gate, they are what you do to play the game longer. Why put a gate in front of that. that is the communities incentive, we told you clearly, and you tell us, nah your wrong.
"Our plan was to move the popular Map Mod Effect increases to the Awakening Objectives in order to give them more of an incentive."

How did you determine this was "popular"? It was required to have if you had Awakening Levels. This wasn't necessarily popular, it was just forced upon us if we wanted to be at Awakening Tier 8 for the other rewards.

Awakening Objectives were popular to people who were chasing stronger sustain of higher tier maps. Now that it's gone, there's LESS incentive to do the bonuses. We're just forced to do bonuses now if we want the same level of pack size as before.
nonamera wrote:
player base :we want wich map we wanna run and sustain


GGG: no you cant run
bc we want like that and also we're still discussing internally for


someone can say to ggg they dont have 1928763913 million player and so many people also said they want more freedom abt target map farm map sustain why you want to say more story to player base ggg ?????????????

DO U KNOW WHY ???????????


THATS WHY l WİLL NEVER BUY SUPPPORTER PACK AGAİN NO SUPPORT ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still sane exile ?
You should turn of blood rage...
SO basically we are ignoring the fact that for once map drops felt better than usual, not adding a worthwhile bonus and making the bonus make everything harder (not complaining here but I don't see any incentive to do the bonus yet, infact I'm leaning towards avoiding it as much as I can from now on if it stays like that, why would I handicap myself for nothing?)....

"If there are any other problematic mods other than ailments, please let us know and we'll look at those too."

I mean no regen/reflect mods, both of which can force map rerolls/selling said maps if it's corrupted/throwing it away, are mods that go further than just making it hard, they completely make builds not have a go at said maps. For example, as a summoner I would instantly die from simply shield charging (no damage supp gems/talents before that question somehow gets asked) into a patch of mobs due to the physical reflected damage, AS A SUMMONER with 9k hp with no prior damage taken that kinda tells you how broken of a mod that is.

Yes regen maps can be done with some adjustments but not many can fit in the workaround, not many can fit in mana flasks nor can mana flasks allways work (a example could be bosses without adds), and we ain't all pathfinders for passive flask charge regen, I'm sure I'm missing some other ways to regain mana/health but that's not the point.
The point is that these are mods that force you to either make a specific build (which is why there are so many miners, they couldn't care less about reflect maps), or just discard the map, I'm all in for hard maps, I love getting wrecked by the beyond mod, the critical strike multi mod, you name it I like it, the extra challenge is welcome and unique because i can still interact with those but when a mod makes you unable to interact with the map there's no challenge at all.
Other problematic mods? Don't let maps have the same mod 3 times like added damage of fire/cold/lightning all toghether. Also spread crit chance from crit multi for monsters or adjust it 400% seems crazy af ect.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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reeee i want to farm only 1 map 24/7 for entire league reeeee im not gonna buy mtx ggg reeeee

that's how u guys sound to me. I wish someday players gonna start to respect GGG decisions.
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While map mods are designed to hinder your character, the Map Mod Effect can sometimes push it over a reasonable limit. We will make adjustments to those cases.

I'm playing since Closed Beta I always felt like "Damage Reflection" mods like a trap not a game mechanic. I also wouldn't define "Damage Reflection" as something hinder your character it completely bricks the map. So, it's not fun and if you're not carefully reading all your map modifiers (in some cases 10+ modifiers) you have no counter play to it. I actually died in Vaal side-area this league while pushing SSFHC race it was pretty frustrating honestly.
Well, thanks for making the decision for me to skip the league.
I can only save money and time, which is a good thing.
Splittercore wrote:
I wish someday players gonna start to respect GGG decisions.

If their decision is bad, it's players' right to point that out to developers.

It's good for developers too, as it helps player retention you know.
Players playing the league commented that Delve cities did not feel rewarding any more (because in the past they were a great source of Maps). Similar comments were made about the Temple of Atzoatl, which was also a good place to find maps in the past.

Yeah! Because the first 1.5 months of the league the drops were bugged! Good analysis that you did there...not.

In Conquerors of the Atlas, we dramatically and somewhat inadvertently increased the map drop rate, through the following mechanisms

And people love that... I dont get why you have to pull full Anthem on drop rates keep that pls.

We have some ideas that we're discussing that should help on this front, and we'll let you know as they progress through internal testing. To be clear, our solution will not involve Cartographer's Seals coming back in the same form they were before.

So how about you integrate a 1-2 chaos fee so we can transfor any map form a tier into any map of our choice from the same tier.

I am still pissed about how you handled the release of 3.9 and Conquerers of the atlas and that you didnt think of communicating with us. And yet there was no appology from you, which would be apropriate...

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