Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

You lied to me. You said more incentives for awakening level and that isn't true.

Why should I continue to support and play a game where the devs lie to you and won't even address it?

No fixes to making maps easier on an alt, target farming was done because some maps are outright terrible and were only bearable because we could throw away maps.

I'm disappointed by GGG.
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So, what is this "incentive" to do Awakening objectives again?
More master missions?
Do we have to make 75 Awaken Objectives to get the same chance for master spawn as before 3.10?
"We want to incentive you to work more, so we will cut your salary in half, then pay you for overtime"
"War's over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost."
wait is this going to be another season of delve and temple dropping 0 maps? why are those affected by the atlas
sirgog wrote:
Really I think the ignite mod should be redesigned to be "Your elemental ailments expire 30/40/50% faster"

Agreed, the mods to reduce the chance of elemental ailments or bleed/poison should be reduced to a lower % or change to some other way of "nerfing" those builds.

I think the real problem is that the strongest builds arent affected by any mods. Traps/mines/summoners dont worry about anything (except maybe reflect for summoners?).

Why isnt there a mod to screw over minion builds or traps/mines?

Whats the argument for reflect also? In almost all cases these are instant reroll mods. Nobody mapping effectively is going to run a reflect map slower than just rolling a new map.
Players: Incursion and delve areas' map drops are bugged. Please fix!
-3 months later-
GGG: Alright, we are nerfing the atlas. Our testers are not getting enough maps from delve!
Players: ...
This is a very well informed post. It understands that we want to target farm specific maps which I thought GGG didn't know. All it would require is a "give me specific map" seal instead of a "remove map" seal. You put it on one map and it increases it's drop rate (and lowers the drop rate of others in that tier)
Will this kill map sustain in standard?
You're completely right that Map Mod Effect isn't always positive for every build. For example it can ruin Ignite builds by making it impossible for monsters to be ignited. While map mods are designed to hinder your character, the Map Mod Effect can sometimes push it over a reasonable limit. We will make adjustments to those cases.

If there are any other problematic mods other than ailments, please let us know and we'll look at those too.

Map mobs are there to kill, hinder is a nice way of putting I guess but they're there to kill our characters which many of them do very well. Most map mobs are problematic and unimaginative. Those that effect frame rates are the most deadly.
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
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If there are any other problematic mods other than ailments, please let us know and we'll look at those too.

"Monsters cannot be stunned"

Stun is a mechanic that has had more support added to it over the years, however the map mod has not changed and it'll just completely shut down any stun reliant build or build mechanic. I'd very much like if it would would work a bit like the ailment mods, which merely reduce the chance for stuns to happen, maybe have it be "monsters have X% increased stun threshold".
Having it be just a complete negation of it just seems to be entirely out of place these days.
Yea get rid of reflect mod for maps, it’s not fun or interesting to roll reflect a damage that you do, and it makes indirect damage more appealing so you don’t have to worry about that ever

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