Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

I have no idea if I was doing something wrong, but I was map starved the entire league. Returns were dismal. I had to buy maps in trade league just to get to Awakener level 6. I did the temple, I delved, I ran upgraded maps on 14 and above. I have no idea how people were getting so many maps, but I had the exact opposite of what this post is saying.
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ty GGG
i agree with the reduced map drop rate, but i'd prefer to have a more customizable atlas. why am i forced to forever have a crappy map on it if i accidently run it? before you cook up some super convoluted workaround, just let us have cartographer's seals again.
If there are any other problematic mods other than ailments, please let us know and we'll look at those too.

avoid poison/blind , less regen(60% is reasonable but 80 is too much), maybe the high tier of life for some builds is very annoying on bosses considering his buffs on base life.

Also what will be happen to our atlas on std? will need to farm every watchstone again?
"Not being able to shape atlas or having to create a new account if you acciedently run 1 map is just a bad design and killing the engame for me personally."

didn't take long for the whining to start again
when u go to fix the thrash end game full of lagg named sirus?
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I played Ignite in 3.8 and am glad I did not in 3.9.

Really I think the ignite mod should be redesigned to be "Your elemental ailments expire 30/40/50% faster"

At AL 8 this is a 62% reduction in duration on Ignite. That hurts, but is in line with other 'nasty for your build' mods.

It has the side effect of making Herald of Ice/Thunder better. I don't think this is a disaster or anything.
Le Toucan Will Return
My suggestion is removing reflect mods from maps as it makes A LOT Of builds (anything attack based non-slayer / elementalist / chaos based) redundant in all map clearing builds.

I agree map mods should provide a challenge every single time but reflect just forces a map reroll on a lot of builds and I think removing it and adding something punishing but not to such extend would be great!

Reflect is a mechanic we are all used to but unforutnatley it is enforcing some limits if we want to run all maps. Other than that I think things are going into the right direction (Well the ability to mod individual maps on the atlas permanently in addition to the keystone sextant mods would be quite mad, just fitting for POE).

That's just my 2 cents :)

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Just dont complete bad maps 4Head.

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