Skill Demo: Blade Blast

gandhar0 wrote:

Exactly, I have already planned Hiltless CWDT chieftain setup for it myself. Scolds birdle with mines will be stronger imo (blade burst and detonate mines on CWDT, bladefall mines manual throw like good old VD autominer).

Awesome, you just reminded me of the blast I had with the old VD Autominer, I'll give your concept a try as well. Thanks.

Perimax wrote:
One of POE's strength looking back was build diversity, skill gems every class could play and a big skill tree you could chose from what fit best your needs. But where is build diversity gone now? People are forced to play GGG's archtype builds every league and balancing the whole content around it.

I'm sorry for you that you feel forced to do anything specific by a game that lets you do so many different things.
Arf! Arf! Arf!
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Just one more map
dan991199 wrote:
my wife left me because of PoE. Thank you Chris Wilson!

You lost Your hand? WoW! How You play PoE with only one?
DistantBliss wrote:
So is it just me or is the sound effect reused from some corpse detonation effect? If so; that's gonna be fun (read: confusing) when you have said effect on gear as well and the enemy is using it too (revenants).

likely just a placeholder sfx until the new one is done.
Dang, I was hoping it would apply to Frost Blades. Still going to find some cool interactions with it, though.
demonic skill effect is needed here
thank you for solving the problem with the "Animate Weapon" Gem. This is a really nice addition.
Hmmmm, a detonate kind of skill which doesn't require any skill that have cd? Seems pretty good for a CoC build if you ask me. But then again, what kind of damage mod would we want with this kind of spell and Ethereal Knives.
As always it all depends on the numbers. If the DPS is high then everyone will use if. If not it will be another unused skill.
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