Skill Demo: Blade Blast

girng wrote:
ffogell wrote:
girng wrote:
BV + Blade Blast is going to be nuts

Am hyped

its not like its was actually needed with that spell anyway lol Probably bring it to super OP status lmao

Yeah, lol. Shit is crazy, but I mean, I'll take it

I dont mind also :D lol
it will be exactly like frostbold/icenova, nobody will play it cause 2 button is clunky, only if its op on coc ( 1 button )
What level is blade blast
Hello, you made very good job about the Animated Weapons, but i have a question.
Is the blades spawned from Blade skills will be able to spawn range weapons with the animated weapon skill, and how much is the maximum amount of animated weapon spawn. Thanks in advance.

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