Skill Demo: Blade Blast

Phys extra with pseudo mines, stronk!
♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈
Ign: @Yavvyred
STD Trade/Craft/Carry:
RIP Animate Weapon.
dan991199 wrote:
my wife left me because of PoE. Thank you Chris Wilson!

im so envious.
nothing can distract you now.
enjoy poe time with kfc, best life!
Poe is easy if you don't force yourself to play hyped builds.
Bladefall+Awakened Spell Cascade will cover everything in screen.
GGG should reduce effect density of Bladefall now.
I want to know if this skill is instant cast, like can i cast while channeling?
Can Blade Blast detonate those loot normal rarity weapons on the ground?
Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.
zeroarcanus wrote:
why can't melee get something cool like this
Melee seems to be on the bottom of the list! the least amount of gems an armors an etc. And most everyone use's only one of its skills MS then Cyclone cause all the others suck worse! Cyclone will prolly get another nerf! Then melee will be truly be dead! Sorry to say !
I had a job once :D
Love the idea of the blades being interactable, hate the low animate weapon cap
When I kill a man he stays dead.
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