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hope to see lab changes or at least uniq jewel reward changes
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That's my first league switch!

That reminds me of...

You were born in the long summer, you've never known anything else. But now winter is truly coming.

gj to GGG!
i hope a rework of currency stash tab also to include ALL harbinger's currency shards and also OILS!!
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Let more people know about it and lay the foundation for 4.0

TreeOfDead wrote:
hope to see lab changes or at least uniq jewel reward changes

Yeah because forget any challenging content and actually rewarding the smartest/fastest/most dedicated players right

A shell of it's former self as it is already...

You should be embarrassed to display that many support packs
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I have deleted many games on my pc to install POE2.

I am ready!
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Having just 1 reward for the fastest player on labs, which is always the same unhealthy .....especially as there is only just 1 of this and he can just sell them at the price he wants to sell it....

Would be far more fun if they set a very fast time limit (must be a time that needs dedication to obtain not just luck or w/e but a time that normally the top 10 of a day would have gotten). And if you manage it you can get 1 of these jewels, and only 1 per league. They could make it so you can only get 1 per account on hardcore league, and if u got it there u cant get it on softcore as well...
Bring it on.

I'm looking to put that whole Wolcen experience as far behind me as possible. PoE number#1

Would love to see a league about invading other players Hideouts - and all league we're grinding not just gear for our Exiles but defenses for our hideout (whether it's monsters/traps/Bosses/Area modifiers/).
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
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Ready to dive
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