We have finished our press tour, having shown our next expansion to 17 news outlets. The journalist embargo lifts at noon PST (9am NZ time) tomorrow, so we'll post the announcement/trailer simultaneously alongside the journalists posting their detailed information and interviews. Keep an eye on your favourite news sites tomorrow to see their coverage.

While the content remains shrouded in mystery, you should know the expansion introduces a new challenge league complete with terrifying new foes and tantalising rewards. You can also expect to see new skills, unique items, reworks to existing content and much more!

We will also be launching a new set of supporter packs at this time which means you have less than 24 hours to purchase the Sanctum and Damnation supporter packs before they leave the store forever!

We can't wait to unravel what we've been working on.
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Grinding Gear Games
woho! :)
Oswego ahead and release it!
Last edited by Rantun on Feb 25, 2020, 8:29:04 AM
Leviathan here we gooooo
ggg i love u
Shipwreck league? Mariner league? Treasure Hunter league?
Tell Me Why?!
Aint nothing but a heartache Noon tomorrow soon

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