The Press Tour is Complete

New league has already been leaked...
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Here we go again 40/40 than quit ^^
Would be nice prank, if leaked thing is a fake :D
LaplaceNoMa wrote:
It would seem that one of those 'games journalism' trainwreck will no longer get any dealings from GGG.

i dont know what this "press tour" is even for. who still reads gaming websites? could just save the expenses for the press tour and hire 1-2 QA people.
soooooon....cant wait! :)
Yeah I just watched the new video, looks awesome
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My favorite Prince song: "Delirious"

This post is a complete non-sequitur. Just wanted to talk about my favorite Prince song. XD

Very unprofessional...


Love the mechanic !

March 13 hype!
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