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can't wait
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Embargo should be lifted,

After my first two league in Trade i will finally return to SSF, i got spoiled and lost so much fun playing trade as expected, but at least i had the chance to try uniques i'v never dropped in 8years XD.

Hum a sinking ship league ? According to Bex Twitter and this picture i hope its gonna be a Leviathan league or something, digging trough underwater maps and shipyards to find treasures with time limit and big Skeaky bosses waiting in the Abyss.

And i hope about an upgrade of this new end game mechanics about Sirius and watchstones with is a bit clunky.
Unravel you say...hmmm is that a hint....
smichal52 wrote:
Embargo should be lifted,


Nop still 11hours and 15minutes remaining from this post^^.
Expecting a large minion nerf??
~ If it moves, kill it ~
make Headhunter legacy item and standard league only pls.
Have a nice day!
tantalising rewards

Are we finally going to see nice armor set as we've see way too long ago ?
My thread for boss carry and crafting
Watch live at
Game changer ?
Pirates of the Caribbean league!

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