[3.14]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)League starter

luigigrogro wrote:

Currently lvl 90 and I start to die on T13, what are the elements in the stuff you would upgrade in priority ?

Thanks !

I too would like to know the next stuff to upgrade in priority order damage wise, but I'm pretty sure you're dying because your flasks suck. If you look at his guides he uses multiple layers of physical defenses (basalt flask with increased armour, on top of two granites or at least the lion's roar) and you're missing that. At least get yourself one of those, and a curse immunity flask if possible. Also, you want onslaught in some manner, whether that's an eye jewel, etc, but the entire point is this build gets onslaught without having to get it in flask form. Figure out a way to fix that, whether through synthesized ring that gives onslaught or through an 8% chance to gain onslaught jewel, etc.
Hi. Im struggling with this build . I cant use cyclone constantly even with enduring mana flask. Im must be retarded or something.
Here is my bild https://pastebin.com/0fsGGwth. please help
This build uses a chest with -15 to mana cost of skills for Cyclone to be socketed into. Without that chest you'll need a praxis ring. If you have neither, then you will run into problems.
Obvious retardation from my side. thanks, all ok now
I just come back to the game this very week, stopped mid heist league. I have fun with your build and the new league.
I have find a new one handed sword for me https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Anarchic_Spiritblade

Don't really know how to link it.

100% of Physical Damage from Hits with this Weapon is Converted to a random Element.
I wonder if Elemental equilibrium can be proc with that converted phys and if it can be better than phys mitigation reduction. Probly not but...
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Thanks for the great build that allowed me to play all the important content. From A9 to Maven, Uber Elder and finally level 100. It was a great experience. The league is now over for me, but if anyone is interested, this is my gear.

see ya all ;-)
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This build is great, the best i've played.

Tommorow tried to move balance from damage to survivability, spend some 15 extra exalts and made 75% chaos resist, and now it's really can facetank all.

Without chaos res you will die from oneshots on maps with hunter influence + during the sirus fight with all that glorious waves and fury of the cosmos =)

so, I would highly reccomend to make chaos resist here.

Love tis build, definitely will start next league with it (if no nerfs)

sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language
As I can see, it cant facetank all.
Dont make a wrong statement.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
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Here's my current gear for EQ bleed gladiator. Can I keep the same gear except change passive skills and gems to start off?

TheChosenOne_ wrote:
Here's my current gear for EQ bleed gladiator. Can I keep the same gear except change passive skills and gems to start off?

Hard to tell without pob, but on quick look you'll have problems with
1) mana sustain w/o -15 mana chest
2) clearing w/o exploding chest
3) a lot of damage comes from paradoxica (its cheap so buy it :P )
4) ryshalt and circl of guilt gives considerable boost of dps
5) I personally use "have onslaught on soul-gain prevention" on boots to free flask till you get it on ring

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