[3.18]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)

Hello do you have bleeding pob. 3.18?
where can I see the skill tree for version 3.18?

Levelling Champion now, wanted to specc this build. Is it still good in Sentinel?
Or is it rather mediocre now?

Thank you for the Guide!
how's it looking for 3.19?
would love to know this aswell. didn't start to play yet because IF i play, i'd like to play THIS build again and nothing else :D
Sad that this build died. hoped for updates.
Hello, I did try to play this build durring this season, but I don't think the output damage is good enauth at the moment...

I don't know if i'm missing something or if it needs an update...


If I max out my gems linked to Cyclone I can go up to ~525k dps

I'm still missing Watcher's Eye and few levels to equip Small Cluster with Block Spell Damage & Mage Hunter but even with it, I can't seem to see where I would gain so much DPS.
we need a .21 update for this build. was one of my favourites.

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