What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

Thank you Sir and good night.
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Bring on the new league!
Rekill wrote:
26 days at least to go and what's happening in between this period is exactly what was happening the last and the last and the last league.

Nearly a month without any event or any purpose to compete and play the game. I saw what most popular PoE streamers were streaming this Sunday (hint: it wasn't PoE).

If things remain as they are 20-50 player slot private leagues shouldn't cost anything to host because the amount of players playing on the servers is much lower. It doesn't cost GGG anything to implement this.

Metamorph should remain within the core game. Thanks to it so many more RIP's were happening through the league which is essential for competition. The loot needs to be nerfed to compensate for whatever else will be coming and dropping loot.

Whatever they do I hope it finally improves this state of limbo the game finds each league. Big portion of the community loves to compete and win things in the process which is quite normal and understandable.

The problem with these kinds of comments is that they refuse to acknowledge that there are players in the community that actually have lives outside of POE. They own homes, have spouses, children, careers, responsibilities and don't crush all content of a league in 1.5 months. Many of these people don't even get to endgame content, let alone finish early and complain that there isn't more content.

The reason POE servers are dead is because for many years, POE has catered to the whiny bullshit of full-time no-lifers, increasing content and time investment required to complete it and in the process have chased off what would have been and should have been the majority of their player base - Casual Players.

Casual players see how much is involved in getting the goods needed to do the endgame content and either say "screw it, I'll get as far as i get and enjoy it" or say "screw this game, there's no way I'm doing that." Or "screw leagues, I'm playing standard"

We need more casual players, not more content that makes casual players less competitive and more likely to say "Screw this."

What is so freakin' bad about having time to play other games anyway?

So... GGG shouldn't make neW content because you don't have time to play it? Yeah... makes perfect sense. And the entire World revolves around you.

So... GGG should shorter the league because you don't like the "limbo state"? Yeah... Makes perfect sense. And the entire World revolves around you
clozzer wrote:
frostzor27 wrote:

You are delusional.

I have all 32 watchstones, awakening level 8, kill Sirus no problem, and yes I DO know how atlas work. But I have to run 50 maps for just one Sirus fight, that when I'm luck, because RNG taunts.

I'm not a streamer and have all day to gamble.

You can suck streamers cock all you want, that doesn't change the fact RNG spawn and taunts are bad.

If you think the system is good ok, you are all delusional.

For my sanity sake I will not answer you white knight trolls anymore.

Big yikes..

Just google how to spawn sirus. You make a fool of yourself.

Stop forcing your stupidity onto others and IMPROVE. It's not GGG/random streamers fault that you are incapable of understanding how to spawn him. :D

I ran 150 t16 Waterways without having any influence on the atlas, and none of the remaining 2 conquerors spawned. Keep burning through those maps like CuteDog does and gl with your 1c drops
Will Synthesis get implemented properly this time? :(
New packs only on 25 feb too? Amirite?
I see many poeple ready for new beta testing.
These type of Posts are so completely useless.
My body is ready

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