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Please for the love of god, implement something to lower the graphics on PS4... the system can't handle all the effects and crashes non stop. I can't do half the content on my necro because it lags and then blue screens me. An updated search feature on the auctions would also be appreciated. Maybe instead of showing every item, only show what I'm searching for. POE would be in my opinion one of the best console games with a few small changes.
stucrew wrote:
HazaRdReborN wrote:
I guess people are prone to responding more to the douche that can't spawn Sirus than to an actual question xD

So here goes again in short form.

Does the Atlas in standard usually reset with a new season?

Or is it every several seasons or something?

Standard.... not league. Leagues are fresh starts obviously. Just clarifying.

Probably because you posted a big wall of text about how you were a melee main before actually getting to the point. The atlas will reset when moved to standard but you can unlock 95% of the progression by running one rare corrupted T16 map. Once completed it will unlock everything under it. If you arent to T16s yet just run the highest map you have and make sure you satisfy the bonus completion requirements.

First off, thanks for the response.

And second, there is nothing wrong with my post. It even has bold titles to get to the point quicker. Its overall less than all the bickering and whining that is going on. So no, that is not the reason. The reason is that people are just prone to respond to douchebags. "Getting offended" is what they do great, and if the first lines are something they disagree on they would happily sit there and read 3 pages of text just so they can sit there and argue.

Oh, and the other thing they are prone to doing is tossing POGGERS and other stupid nonsense on every post.

Again, thanks. Take care.
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googie337 wrote:
sorry im playing wolcen because poe graphic is trash

Wow, amazing. How on earth did you manage such a feat??? Tell us oh great one, how did you get your hands on a game released over half a decade later with modern graphics? What sorcery is this?

The fact that you took time OFF the game you are playing to be on the FORUM of the game you are NOT playing says it all. Yeah, thanks captain obvious. Something like 50% of us are checking Wolcen out. We are probably the bulk of its numbers at this point.

Take care. Hope your stay is well and long.

p.s, I sure do hope you enjoy looking at textures in its end game and doing nothing more than that... then again, what am I saying, you're probably a D3 fan which means Wolcen is like candyland for you.... So, have fun. You wont be missed, neither your "useless information of the day" comment.
ps, anyone with half an ounce of logic that has played games can see poe does not have trash visuals, not by a longshot. dated yes, trash, no.

Then again, you probably don't even play the game. Just desperately seeking some attention. Joke is on you, most of us played or are playing Wolcen too.... and PoE... and are not missing out on anything.

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26 days at least to go and what's happening in between this period is exactly what was happening the last and the last and the last league.

Nearly a month without any event or any purpose to compete and play the game. I saw what most popular PoE streamers were streaming this Sunday (hint: it wasn't PoE).

If things remain as they are 20-50 player slot private leagues shouldn't cost anything to host because the amount of players playing on the servers is much lower. It doesn't cost GGG anything to implement this.

Metamorph should remain within the core game. Thanks to it so many more RIP's were happening through the league which is essential for competition. The loot needs to be nerfed to compensate for whatever else will be coming and dropping loot.

Whatever they do I hope it finally improves this state of limbo the game finds each league. Big portion of the community loves to compete and win things in the process which is quite normal and understandable.

Calm down you complain about POE in almost every post. yet you don't even support it and want everything the way you see fit. If you have so many problems with the game move on to something else that makes you happy or find a way to enjoy what GGG offer's. They buss there A$$ for us as a community give them some respect!!
GGG, for the next league please make a boss that does not cover more than half of the screen with his big red balls and hanging legs.

Much love and many tickles :*
I eat cats for breakfast.
"Metamorph will be ending on March 9"

any chance Metamorph will be fixed by March 8th ?

Cant wait
wanna see whats new meta
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Sirais01 wrote:
These type of Posts are so completely useless.

That's just your opinion.

The post gives an estimated league launch date aswell as a date for the 3.10 announcement, not useless at all!

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