The Metamorph Supporter Packs Are Ending Soon

One thing I find really disappointing and in dire need of a change in regards to the supporter packs is that the weapon effects should be premium i.e. you should be able to apply them to both weapons as is the case for the ones in the core packs.

Edit: My bad - it seems sometimes it does not reload correctly and the weapon effect does show up on both weapons.
Last edited by Valencius81 on Feb 11, 2020, 1:48:52 PM
auc_martin wrote:
Does the new packs show up in trailer before these current packs ends? So we can see if next pack got ugly mtx so we can buy this ones instead if needs be?

I do not think so.

Sweet looking forward to the new packs and the new league.
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I hope for great supporter packs this time ! :)
Im hoping for auction or something... current trading absolutely sucks in this game... time for new solution
I’ve been rather quite selective when buying packs now for the past year. Looking forward to the next set of new packs.
I'm gonna grab the white one before it goes out. Thanks for the warning!
New league... Yes...
Cant wait for the new league!

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