Bex's Five Year CM Anniversary

Here's to another 5 (:
Thanks for all the hard work and memes. Heres to another 5 C:
Congratulations Bex \o/

Hope you and your loved ones are doing great.


Questionnaire on cognitive dissonance,

If = a transwomen joins a womens group and interupts women from speaking
does = she exhibit male privilege and toxic masculinity?
Time flies when you're being great, Bex! =^[.]^=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
whiskers =@[.]@= boggled / =>[.]<= annoyed or angry / ='[.]'= concerned / =0[.]o= confuzzled /
=-[.]-= sad or sleepy / =*[.]*= dazzled / =^[.]~= wink / =~[.]^= naughty wink / =9[.]9= rolleyes
Thank you for the fun this old man has had looking forward to future works and trying my darndest to be around for them
░▐█▀▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▌░░░░░▐█▄░░ We Miss U Le Toucan
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What can i say...?

We'll be always there for You, as You are always there for us :)

BTW, let me tell a joke:

Duellist: I will avenge my brother's death!
Ranger: My bow will be with you!
Marauder: And my axe!
Necromancer: And YOUR BROTHER...

Best of luck!

Congratulations, Bex. You have no idea just how touching this post was, how much it resonated with me. I'm glad it's become your dream role and I'm glad you're part of our community.

Thank you for your years of service and most importantly: thank you for being you.
Congratulations on the five year anniversary, and stay as you are! :-)
Große deutsche Community mit TS, Forum und Infos gesucht? ->
Welcome back Bex, and congratulations on 5 years.
~ A major part of 鬼殺し leaving was something 鬼殺し said about Kopogero that, whilst truthful, scored 鬼殺し a 2 month probation. So please, stop with the fucking conspiracy theories. 鬼殺し is gone.

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