Bex's Five Year CM Anniversary

Bex_GGG wrote:

Congratulations, No doubt your role at GGG must be very difficult at times given how diverse the community here is, I wish you luck on navigating the complex community in the future.

That said i have a question for you and I'm not sure if an answer will come but it is very important to me as someone who has loved this game since the moment i stepped(washed up) on the shores of the twilight strand.

Do you visit the official forums feedback section? It would mean a great deal to me to know this and a lot of people who try to bring new ideas and solutions to problems in this game even if we don't get to personally talk to you that our voices are heard regardless if those ideas and solutions are good or not.

Just a little hope can make all the difference in the world.
RIP baby rhoa.. You will never be forgotten!
Much love Bex!
Amazing creators, amazing company, amazing game, amazing community -pretty much an amazing future for those in love with the genre. TAKE MY MONEY AND TIME.
I like You :) Be self :)
My biggest wish right now would be that you were to voice an NPC. It might be just pure chance but I think you have a great voice!
Oh, didn't know she was back. Nice. Now go make some "build of the week" episodes :P


Do you visit the official forums feedback section?

GGG has proven over the years that they care a lot more about Reddit than their own "official" forum. If you want them to see something make sure you post it there and include some crude drawing or something so that it gets upvoted.
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Grats and happy anniversary!

Thanks Bex :)
Congratulations. May you see many more years at GGG.
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annnnd another 5 more years of not being rewarded for being here since closed beta... :'(

a good closed beta reward would be beta testing PoE2...
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I was hoping for some cool free in game goodies to celebrate :(

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